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Five Ways to Preserve the Life Of Your Horse Sheds

Horse sheds are an excellent way to give your horses run-in shelter in the pasture, but they’re also expensive investments. These five tips can help y

What You Should Know Before Taking a Horse On Trial

When looking at horses for sale, it’s important to make sure that the horse you purchase is a good fit for you. Taking a sale horse on trial is one wa

How to Tell If a Horse Float Is Too Much For Your Truck

When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, do you ask about the empty weight of the float? What about the maximum loaded weight? And do you know if

Buying a First Horse as a Nervous Rider

Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport, and many riders face confidence and fear issues. If you are a nervous rider or have recently been shaken by

All About Flying Changes

Have you ever ridden a flying lead change? Horses for sale that can perform flying changes often bring higher prices than horses of similar quality th

Buying a Horse on Trial: What to Do with the Trial Period

Buying a horse is a big decision. You’ve looked at many horses for sale and have decided that one particular horse is right for you. You hope. If a se

Buying a New Horse on a Budget

Money is a major factor in buying a horse. When you’re working on a tight budget, looking at horses for sale can be a frustrating and long process. Bu

Jump into Spring with Horse & Country TV’s FREE One Month Trial Offer!

Horse & Country TV is offering a fantastic Spring offer of 1 month free trial of their PLAY App all through August and September. This will enable yo

Are You Prepared to Stand a Stallion at Stud?

If you’re thinking of breeding one or more of your mares, standing a stallion at stud on your farm may seem like the natural best way to build up your

Top Five Don’ts When Buying a Used Horse Float

When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, do you know how to protect yourself from a bad purchase? Be sure to avoid these top 5 don’ts when buying

Great Ways to Improve Your Fitness for Horseback Riding

While other sports have teams of dozens of players, horseback riding consists of a pair of two – horse and rider. While we often think of our horses a

Mitsubishi Motors partners with Australian International 3-Day Equestrian Event

Mitsubishi Motors partners with Australian International 3-Day Equestrian Event to bring more horsepower to Adelaide The Australian International 3

Ways to Make Your Sale Horse More Appealing

Selling a horse can take time, but the better your horse’s qualities, the better your chances of quickly finding a buyer. Whether you have a horse for

How Healthy Is Your Stable?

Your horses spend most of their time in the stable, and stables are widely regarded as a safe space for horses. But stables can house issues which may

Catching the Evasive Horse

You’ve looked at horses for sale and have found the perfect horse, and have brought him home to your stable. You’ve even turned him out, but when it c

Tips for Marketing Your Stallion at Stud

When standing a stallion at stud, your marketing efforts can greatly enhance your stallion’s success. The below tips can help you to market your stall

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Horse Property

When you look at horse properties for sale, chances are that you’ll eventually find a property that seems perfect for you. But is it really? As you sh

Tips for Choosing a Retirement Facility for Your Horse

While we all hope that our horses will have long, healthy careers, often horses need to be retired from riding for any number of reasons. If your hors

Five Ways to Find the Perfect Horse Property for Sale

When looking at horse properties for sale, you’ll have many options to choose from. But finding that perfect property can be a challenge. These five t

Ways to Keep Your Horse Exercised When You’re Busy

Have you been feeling guilty because you’re too busy to ride your horse, so he’s not getting the exercise he needs? Owning a horse can get challenging