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Should You List Price When Advertising a Horse for Sale?

There’s a question that continues to pose a problem for anyone selling a horse: Should you list the horse’s price when you advertise that horse for sa

How to Create a Safe Turnout Environment for Your Horse

Lots of turnout time and space is essential to your horse’s health, but the paddock is a potential source of danger for your horse, too. These tips ca

How to Care for Your Horse Float’s Floors

Your horse float’s floors are essential to your float’s overall safety, but floors can also be expensive to replace. These tips can help you to care f

Tips for Hiring a Great Equine Photographer

Whether you’re hiring an equine photographer to take sale photos or to just capture some special memories with your horse, it’s important to hire the

Before You Give Your Horse Away

Sometimes finding the best home for a horse outweighs the importance of receiving a payment or the horse in return. Owners do give their horses away f

How to Help Your Horse Relax at a Horse Show

Horse shows are pressure-filled environments, and many horses get nervous and excited at shows. You can use these tips to help your horse to relax at

Your To-Do List After Bringing Home a New Horse

You’ve looked at horses for sale, have found the perfect new horse, and your horse will arrive home any minute. Now what? In order to keep your new ho

Ways to Sell Your Tack Faster

Selling used tack can be a nice way to get some money back in exchange for tack that you’re no longer using. Have you been advertising your tack for s

Tips to Help You Retain Your Business Clients When Moving to a New Property

Unless you already own horse property, at some point you may have to move your business to a new rental or new property. Moving a business can be tric

Tips for Marketing a Kid’s Horse for Sale

Kid-safe horses are some of the most sought-after horses out there. If you have a child's horse for sale, these tips can help you to market that horse

What to Look for In a Horse Float for Camping

Camping with your horse is a great way to have some fun, explore the country, and enjoy nature. Having a great horse float meant for the job will make

Tips for Establishing Yourself as a Reputable Horse Seller

Anyone can sell a horse, but if you anticipate selling many more horses in the future, you may want to carefully think about how you advertise your ho

Advantages of Buying a Round Yard

A round yard can be a great feature to have on your property. Should you consider buying a buying a round yard? Here are some advantages to consider.

How to Gain Confidence Driving Your New Horse Float

After looking at horse floats for sale and finding the float that is just what you need, you may feel a little uncertain driving your new float. These

Selling A horse - Beware of Scammers

Are you planning to sell your horse soon? When selling your horse you will want to quickly find him a top home, but you need to protect yourself from

Tips for Buying a Training and Resale Prospect

Often riders look at horses for sale with the plans of putting some training on the horse and reselling it for a profit. If you’re planning to buy a h

Aesthetically Pleasing Horse Fencing Options

When choosing horse fencing, you have seemingly countless options. But all fencing types don’t have the same aesthetic appeal. When you’re looking for

Do Your Research When Buying a Horse Float

A horse float is a major purchase, so it’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying. Have you done your research when looking at horse float

Considerations When Choosing Bedding for Your Horse Stable

When you buy an equestrian property and bring your horses home, one of the management decisions you’ll face is choosing a bedding for your horse stabl

Important Safety Tips When Buying a Horse Float

Transporting horses requires proper, working equipment and a bit of know-how. When looking at horse floats for sale, it’s important to keep these safe