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Foot Sore

Top Horse explains all about laminitis and why prevention is better than cure! What is laminitis? Laminitis is a breakdown of internal hoof struct

Hat Chat...always wear a riding hat

When I started riding (and I’m not admitting how long ago that was!) hardly anyone wore a helmet for casual riding. They were worn only for riding le

The Fjord

The Fjord (pronounced fee-ord) horse is one of the oldest and purest horse breeds in the world. As a wild horse, the Fjord migrated to Norway over 4,

Fly Away!

“Twitch, shake, swish, rub, stamp....” Summer means millions of pesky flies hanging around stables and paddocks driving our poor horses crazy. As a r

Mirror Finish...give your boots a dazzling shine!

In days gone by, a technique called ‘boning’ was used to give leather boots a mirror finish. This was done by taking the rib bone from a lamb (hence

Road Riding

Getting safely from A to B.... If you ride regularly, then you’ll probably find yourself riding on roads and among traffic at some stage. In Victori

Ride Like a Dressage Diva

Dressage is boring I hear you say? Well...that depends how you look at it! Yes, it can be dreary if horse and rider slop around any-old-how in endle

The Garryowen

The Garryowen Turnout Perpetual Turnout Trophy has been part of the Royal Melbourne Show since 1934 and is the Melbourne Cup of show riding! It’s al

Buying a New Horse on a Budget

Money is a major factor in buying a horse. When you’re working on a tight budget, looking at horses for sale can be a frustrating and long process. Bu

Is Owning a Horse Property Cheaper Than Boarding?

Have you heard friends saying that owning a horse property of your own is a cheaper way to keep your horses? Boarding costs seem to increase every yea

Tips for Buying a Horse Property On a Budget

When you decide that it’s time to look at horse properties for sale, you’ll face the challenge of deciding what your budget for the purchase is. Once

Important Fire Safety Tips for Your Horse Stable

Stable fires can be absolutely devastating, but they’re also often preventable. Is your horse stable’s fire safety up to par? Be sure to check out the

How to Get the Best Value for Your Money When Buying a Horse Property

When you are looking at horse properties for sale, you’ll want to find a property that gives you the most value for your money. Here are some tips.

Potential Expenses When Selling Your Horse

When you plan to sell a horse, it seems logical that the sale would bring in money, rather than costing you money. But did you know that there are som

Should You Put Your Sales Horse In Training?

When you advertise your horse for sale, there are a number of factors that will affect not only his value, but also how quickly you may find a buyer.

Selling The Senior Horse

There are many challenges to selling your horse, but when you’re selling a horse, you may find that your horse’s age creates an additional challenge.

Top Mistakes Made In Horse Sale Ad Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your horse’s sale ad photo is your only chance to make a great first impression on buyers. The problem is, ma

How to Decide Whether Your Horse Needs a Rug

When the weather gets cold, many horse owners dig into their collection of horse rugs to find something to keep their horse warm and dry. But does you

How to Use Liberty Videos to Help Sell Your Horse

Videos are incredibly valuable tools when it comes to marketing a horse for sale. While under saddle videos are usually a must for horses trained to r

Tips for Taking Payments on a Sale Horse

When you have a horse for sale, you may encounter buyers who want to buy your horse, but who can’t afford the entire purchase price all at once. In so