5 Ways to Be a Great Riding Student

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Do you want to become a better rider? Do you want to be a great riding student and learn everything that you can? Here are five ways that you can help yourself to be a great riding student.

Be Willing to Learn

As a rider, you’ll never, ever stop learning. Arrive to every lesson with an open mind, ready to truly listen to what your trainer tells you. You’ll need to learn to put any other concerns out of your mind so that you can completely focus on your lesson.

Don’t Take Critiques Personally

When your trainer tells you that your shoulders are too hunched and that your heels aren’t down far enough, remember that she’s not critiquing you personally. Her job is to spot these flaws and to help you improve them. Try not to be insulted by the comments that she makes, and instead see those comments as her way of improving you as a rider. Take her feedback to heart and work to improve these factors in your riding.

Be Ready for Hard Work

Nothing about horseback riding is easy. Great students are ready to work every time they step into a lesson, and they continue that hard work throughout the rides when their trainer isn’t present. Does this mean you can’t take a day off here and there to head out on a trail ride or to just enjoy some time strolling around on your horse? Not at all. But remember that in order for you to progress, you’ll need to put in some hard work, too.

Agree to Ride Other Horses

It’s easy to fall into a groove of only riding our own horses, when we’re lucky enough to own them. But sometimes riding other horses can help to develop our riding skills, too. If your trainer suggests you take some lessons or spend some time riding other horses, be open to the suggestion. A truly great rider can ride a wide variety of horses.

Know Your Goals

You should have a good understanding of what your goals are as a rider. Though your goals will certainly change over time, make sure that you know what you want to get out of riding. Whether it’s to improve your horsemanship or to compete at a higher level, being able to identify your goal and discuss it with your trainer can help your trainer to better help you.

Try putting these five tips to use and see how they affect your progress and your riding lessons.

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