Advantages of Buying a Round Yard

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A round yard can be a great feature to have on your property. Should you consider buying a round yard? Here are some advantages to consider.

Round Yards Are Useful for Starting Young Horses

Round yards are advantageous because they provide smaller spaces to work with young horses. Round yards are available in different styles, and some of the yards with solid walls can help to keep young horses focused on the task at hand, blocking their view of other horses and happenings. When teaching a horse to be saddled and ridden, working in the smaller space of a round yard can prevent the horse from getting up to a full-speed run, helping to keep both horse and rider safe.

Round Yards Can Be Helpful Training Tools

Round yards are also helpful in the overall training of both horse and rider. Activities like natural horsemanship are more easily performed in the smaller space of a round yard than in the larger space of an arena. A round yard can also be a good place to start a young rider off, since the instructor can stay within close proximity as the horse moves around in a circle.

Round Yards Can Serve as Paddocks for Rehabilitating Horses

Don’t forget that these round yards can also be useful as turnout spaces. If a horse is injured and needs to be on restricted turnout, a round yard may be the best area. A round yard can serve as an extra turnout space in a pinch. You can also use a round yard to quarantine a new horse (as long as no one else uses the round yard during the quarantine period).

Round Yards Keep Your Main Arena Free

If you have multiple clients riding on your property at the same time, the main riding arena can quickly get crowded. A round yard provides an alternative space to work in, which is particularly useful if someone wants to lunge their horse or work a young, unpredictable horse while others are riding. Round yards mean that multiple people can work or ride simultaneously without all competing for space in a single arena.

Buying a Round Yard

If you opt to buy a round yard, you’ll need to do some research into the different styles and sizes available. No matter what type of pen you opt for, make sure that you place it on a level area and that you invest in quality footing so that the round yard is safe to use. Chances are that you’ll be thankful you purchased a round yard for your facility.

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