Advice to Remember When Deciding Whether to Breed Your Mare

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The decision to breed your mare is a big one. If you’re contemplating looking at stallions at stud but haven’t yet decided whether to breed your mare, take a look at the below advice to help make your decision.

Only the Best Mares Should Be Bred

There are countless horses alive today, and if everyone who owned a horse decided to breed, the decision would greatly contribute to equine overpopulation. Just because you have a mare doesn’t mean that you should breed your horse. In fact, breeding a mare with a poor temperament or conformation can lead to a foal who doesn’t have many prospects for its future. When it comes to breeding, reserve your decision to breed for only the best mares to ensure that you produce quality foals.

Breeding Involves Many Vet Appointments

Breeding your horse isn’t as easy as just waiting for the foal’s arrival. When you breed your mare, the vet will need to be out multiple times to check her progress during her pregnancy. These vet checks can quickly add up, and then you need to factor in any unexpected vet expenses. When it comes to breeding your mare, these unexpected expenses can be significant. If there’s a problem with the pregnancy or birth, you can be looking at many thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Breeding Is Never a Sure Thing

When you breed a horse, you can never be certain of the outcome. The foal that results might not be at all what you expected, or the mare might not carry the foal to term. In some tragic circumstances, you may lose the mare through a birth complication. If you are considering breeding your mare, then you need to remember that breeding can be a risky activity, and you should never assume what the outcome will be.

Foals Grow Up Quickly and Need Experienced Handling

Sure, foals are adorable, but they also grow up stunningly quickly. That cute little foal will weigh a few hundred pounds before you know it, and if a foal isn’t properly trained from the beginning, then you will have a rambunctious youngster on your hands. It’s so important that someone experienced in working with foals handles and trains the foal. This may mean that you need to hire a handler or that you spend some time learning how to properly train and handle foals before you decide to breed your horse.

If you’re looking at stallions at stud and are debating whether to breed your mare, remember this advice in making your decision.

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