Aesthetically Pleasing Horse Fencing Options

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When choosing horse fencing, you have seemingly countless options. But all fencing types don’t have the same aesthetic appeal. When you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing horse fencing, you’ll want to consider these fencing options.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the traditional choice when you’re looking for a beautiful, functional fence. Wood fencing can be painted in any colour, and is usually installed in a 3- or 4-board orientation. While wood fencing is perhaps the most beautiful fencing option, it requires regular maintenance. Horses may also chew or lean on wood fencing, leading to increased repairs and replacement costs.

PVC Panel Fencing

PVC panel fencing evolved as an alternative to wood fencing. PVC panel fencing is lighter than wood, and the panels pop into place in the posts. PVC is attractive and beautiful when finished, and it doesn’t require the maintenance and upkeep that is needed with wood fencing. Some horses learn that they can lean on and pop out the panels, so pairing PVC with electric fence is a popular option.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is a lesser used but attractive fencing choice. Mesh wire is strung beneath a frame of wood to make up a solid fencing panel. In order to be safe, the mesh needs to be strong and have appropriately sized holes so that horses can’t get caught up in the fencing. When installed well, mesh fencing has a clean look to it.

Vinyl Flexible Fencing

Vinyl fencing has recently grown in popularity thanks to its aesthetic appeal and overall strength. Vinyl fencing comes in large rolls and resembles the look of wood fencing. You can pair vinyl fencing with electric rope for horses who like to lean on the fence. Vinyl fence requires little maintenance aside from periodic tightening, making it a good solution for many horse property owners.

The Right Fencing for You

When choosing a type of horse fencing, you may be tempted to choose the fencing that looks the best to you. However, don’t forget the important matter of horse safety. The fencing that you choose should be highly visible and forgiving upon impact. If you have foals or stallions on your property, you’ll need to be particularly careful about the type of fencing that you choose.

Ultimately, the fencing that is right for you will be attractive, but will also help to keep your horses safely contained.

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