Are You Ready for a Green Horse?

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Are you looking at horses for sale and considering getting yourself a green horse? Green horses can be great, but if you’ve never trained a green horse before, you might be in for a surprise. Are you ready to take on a green horse? Consider these points when deciding.

Training Experience

If you’ll be training a green horse on your own, then you will need to have a good deal of training experience. That experience needs to be in a wide variety of training. You will need to know how to start off a young horse, how to instill the basics of riding on a horse, and how to deal with problems as they arise. Starting a green horse is very different from training a horse that already has a strong foundation on it.

Experience with Green Horses

Training and riding green horses is very different from training or riding your average horse. Green horses can be silly, playful, and rambunctious. They can react unexpectedly and may not yet be aware of their own size and strength. This all makes working with green horses somewhat dangerous if you’re not experienced in how to handle them. Before you take on a green horse of your own, you will want to be sure that you have plenty of experience in working with green horses.

Connections with Experienced Trainers

Whether or not you will be training the green horse yourself, you will likely need connections with local trainers who are experienced in working with green horses. Everyone needs help at some point, and unless you’re a professional trainer yourself, you’ll probably run into some issues with your green horse that an outside perspective can help solve. Do you have local trainers you could call on for help with your horse?


Green horses can be a challenge, and they can shake a rider’s confidence very easily. Before you go looking at green horses for sale, you need to seriously evaluate your current confidence. Are you the type who is easily shaken after a fall, even if you’re not injured? Or do you bounce back quickly and eagerly climb back into the saddle without hesitation? The chance of a fall is increased in working with a green horse.

You also need to be a calm, confident rider to be able to deal with a green horse when he gets nervous. A green horse will rely on you for cues about the situation – if you get nervous, he will only get more nervous, too. A confident, experienced rider is the best fit for a green horse.

So, are you still considering buying a green horse? Then it’s time to get looking at horses for sale. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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