Australia’s Largest Pleasure Horse Breed now paying out a huge amount of prizemoney

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This week the Australian Stock Horse Society has begun paying prizemoney from the recently completed National Show of over $160,000.

Society Chairman Larry Cutler said today that we know that people in the regions across the country are doing it tough. Whether it be drought or fires or even floods, members of the Society are battling the elements.

Mr Cutler from Victoria said that during the National Show, even he had to get home with fires threatening his property.

“We breed our horses tough and our members tougher” he joked.

“This prizemoney won’t pay for all the time and effort that goes into the training of our horses, but it is some recognition of what it takes” he continued.

“Not everyone competes for prizemoney either” he said. “Many of our competitors may never see a payout. They are there for the comradery, competition and community that abounds around the Australian Stock Horse Society and our Members”.

With planning for the 2020 Show now underway, Mr Cutler said that there is no better time to be part of a great group of horse enthusiasts and breeders who really love what they do.

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