Australian Stock Horse Society Reduces Membership Fees for people renewing by early 2020.

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Australian Stock Horse Society Chairman Lorna Fanning announced today that the Board had frozen membership fees for next year and approved a reduced membership fee for all members renewing before early January 2020.

Ms Fanning said that whilst a five percent discount wasn’t a lot, it was some recognition of the current circumstances for a great many of our Members. “We’d like it to be more” she said, “this rotten drought is affecting so many people”.

The Society relies on people renewing each year to be able to provide activities and benefits for its members. “We can’t continue to provide all of our services without the support of our members” Ms Fanning said. “So if people can’t afford to feed stock or they are running out of water, there’s no way they can pay for things like membership” she said.

Ms Fanning was at pains to point out that the Society was not crying poor. “Some of our people are at breaking point, our first thoughts have to be with those that are dealing with the devastating consequences of this dry period” she said.

Ms Fanning went on to say that the Society has some modest but exciting plans for their 50th Anniversary in 2021. “Members need to know that we recognise that some are doing it really tough at the moment. We would ask that if at all possible you stick with us next year to enjoy all of what 2021 brings. It [the drought] has to break soon” she continued.

The Society has weathered almost half a century of good times and bad. “The resilience of our members will see us through this tough time as well” she said. “I can’t think of another organisation in this country better positioned with the history, heart, stamina and bright future to tackle another half century” she concluded.
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