Biosecurity When Looking at Horses for Sale

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Did you know that you can inadvertently transfer diseases to your current horse or other horses at your agistment when you are looking at browse horses for sale? If you’re going out to visit with and test ride horses for sale, and you come into contact with a horse at that agistment that has a contagious disease, you can carry that disease back with you and expose horses at your agistment. Practicing good biosecurity habits when looking at horses for sale will help to minimize the chance that you expose your current horse to a disease.

How Are Diseases Spread?

Diseases are spread in a number of different ways. For the purposes of keeping your current horse safe when looking at new horses for sale, you will be concerned with contagious diseases which are spread through contact. Frequently these diseases are transferred through the horse’s mucous membranes and respiratory system, meaning that if a sick horse were to wipe his nose on you, and you then went and handled a healthy horse, that healthy horse could potentially contract the disease by sniffing your arm. Diseases can also be spread by sharing equipment, such as brushes, halters, or water buckets, between horses.

What Is Biosecurity?

Biosecurity refers to protecting your horse against infection. You cannot always tell when a horse is sick, and good biosecurity habits will help to minimize the risk of infecting your horse with a disease that another horse carries. Practicing good biosecurity habits requires vigilance on your part; you need to do these things every time you interact with new horses.

How Can I Keep My Horse Safe When Looking at Horses for Sale?

Schedule a test ride of a horse for sale at the end of the day, when you know you will not be returning to your current agistment. Avoid patting the horse on the face, and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Do not go into the horse’s stall if possible.

After trying out the horse, wash your hands before getting in your car. Go directly home and remove your boots before entering the house. Wash all of your clothes.

It is best if you use a separate pair of boots and gloves specifically for trying out horses for sale. If you’re not able to, though, then wipe your boots down with a disinfectant spray, and be sure to include the soles of the boots. If your gloves are leather, then wipe them down with the spray as well. Otherwise, wash them before you use them again.

It’s important to protect the current horses at your agistment from potential infection. Hopefully none of the browse horses for sale that you’re looking at are sick, but it’s better to be on the safe side.

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