Bonding with a New Horse

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You’ve looked at countless horses for sale and have finally settled on the right horse for you. Now you’re prepared to bring the new horse home. Are you wondering how you and your new horse will get along? Buying a horse is an exciting experience, but it means that you will need to bond with your new equine partner. Here are some ways to make that process easier.

Give Him Time

When you bring home a new horse, the horse will be in unfamiliar surroundings. Moving to a new home is a major transition for any horse, so give your new horse time to settle in before you start doing too much with him. Let your horse explore his new stall and pasture, and give him time to get acclimated to the stable’s environment, smells, and sounds.

Groom Your New Horse

Grooming provides an excellent way to bond with a new horse. Grooming is a natural behavior for horses and it helps to establish trust. Pick a time when there is not too much activity or distraction and give your horse a nice grooming session.

As you groom, remember that your approach to grooming will probably differ from what the horse is accustomed to. Move slowly and calmly to make the grooming session a positive experience for your horse. If your horse is uncomfortable with part of the grooming, such as with you brushing his tail or his face, then back off and return to an area that your horse enjoyed. There will be plenty of time to train the horse in the future; your goal for right now is to provide a pleasant experience to your horse.

Feed Your New Horse

If possible, try to be the person who feeds your horse for the first few days. Feeding your horse will help to establish you as his caretaker, and it will make you a regular presence in his daily routine. Further, try to take on as much of your horse’s care as possible at first. Clean his stall, take him out to his pasture, groom him, and feed him. The more time that you spend around your horse, the faster he will grow to know and recognize you.

Take Him For Walks

Your horse will need time to settle in, so taking him for a ride right away isn’t a great idea. But you can certainly hand walk him over the property so that he can explore his new home. During your walk, stop to let your horse graze for a bit. The more time that you spend with him, the better he will get to know you.

After looking at so many horses for sale, buying a horse and bringing that horse home can be a bit stressful for both horse and owner, but with some time you and your horse will bond and get to know each other well.

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