Building a Great Grooming Kit (items to include in your grooming kit)

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Grooming a horse is a great activity. When you groom your horse, you are replicating a behavior that horses naturally do in the wild. Grooming is beneficial to horse health – it results in a healthier coat and can help massage and build muscle tone. For your grooming session to be effective, you will want to have a good grooming kit.

The Importance of Multiple Grooming Kits

Before you go about putting together a grooming kit, realize that each horse that you groom regularly will need its own kit. Using a grooming kit on multiple horses can transfer disease from one horse to another, resulting in potentially serious illness spread throughout stables. If you choose to bring horses for sale to your stables for a trial session, keep their tack and grooming kits separate from those of other horses. Create a grooming kit for each horse, and use just the items from that kit on that horse and no other.

Essentials for Your Grooming Kit

Start your grooming kit off with a few different brushes. A stiff brush will be useful for removing mud and hair from a heavy coat. Use the stiff brush only on the large muscular areas of the body, like the neck, shoulders, and hind end. A softer, medium-stiffness brush can be used to clean all of the horse’s body, including the legs.

For the horse’s face, purchase a small brush with soft bristles. The smaller the brush the better, as you will need to carefully work around the horse’s eyes and nostrils. The face brush should be soft enough that it is comfortable against your own skin – using a brush with bristles that are too harsh can scratch and irritate the horse’s sensitive face.

You will also need a curry comb to lift mud and dirt to the surface of a horse’s coat. Curry combs are available in metal or rubber. Metal combs are effective, but cannot be used anywhere except on broad, muscular areas of the horse’s body. Rubber curry combs, on the other hand, are available in a number of different styles and some can be used on the horse’s legs and face.

The last essential item for your grooming kit is a hoof pick. Hoof picks can be purchased in differing qualities ranging from the very basic to the luxurious, complete with small flashlights on the end. Your farrier can even make a hoof pick out of an old horseshoe.

Additions to Your Grooming Kit

Once you’ve established the basics, you can gradually add on to your grooming kit. Items like sweat scrapers, sponges, mane brushes and combs, scissors, clippers, and rags can all help you to groom more effectively and thoroughly.

You may be able to find grooming supplies for sale through sources offering tack for sale. If possible, ask to hold and try out the tools that your friends have in their grooming kits – you’ll likely find that you have a preference for certain styles and brushes and can add those into your own kit.

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