Buying a Horse Float for a Reluctant Loader

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Is your horse reluctant to load into horse floats? You can help your reluctant loader to become more willing based on the type of horse float that you buy. These tips may help you when looking at horse floats for sale.

Consider Ramp Versus Step-Up Load

Many reluctant loaders prefer either a ramp or a step-up load over the other. Before you start shopping for a horse float, experiment by loading your horse on both types of floats. If he shows a clear preference for either a ramp or a step-up, then make that a defining factor in the horse floats that you consider buying.

Look for a Bright Interior

A horse float which has a bright interior appears larger and more welcoming to any horse. Look for a float with a white or other brightly painted interior. Black interiors, while a popular option, don’t make a horse float look at all appealing to a horse. In fact, these floats appear like dark caves – not a place your horse would want to go willingly. If you do end up with a float with a darker interior, you can generally paint it a lighter color to brighten up the inside.

Buy a Float With Plenty of Interior Room

Many horses are reluctant to load because of the claustrophobic feeling caused by the tight spaces inside a horse float. Straight stalls in a horse float are narrow and don’t leave the horse much room to move. If your horse hates to load, then see if a horse float which offers more room makes a difference. Looking for an extra-wide float or for a float which offers a box stall option may help encourage your horse to load more willingly.

Consider a Gooseneck Horse Float

Gooseneck floats may be ideal for a reluctant loader due to a number of reasons. Gooseneck horse floats tend to be smoother rides than bumper pulls, so your horse may learn that riding on a float isn’t as unpleasant as it has been for him in the past. Additionally, goosenecks often have more interior room than bumper pulls, making them more appealing for many horses. Because you can tow three, four, five, or more horses with a gooseneck, your horse will be able to load knowing that there are already horses on board. His herd instinct may kick in and you may find that he’s more willing to load up in this situation.

It may take a little bit of experimentation to find the right horse float for a reluctant loader, so be sure to borrow and try many different float types before looking at horse floats for sale.

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