Buying a Horse Rug - Fitting A Horse Rug

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When you buy horse rugs, you will first need to make sure that the horse rugs are the right size for your horse. How do you choose the right sized rug from the many retailers who sell horse rugs? Here are some tips. Measuring Your Horse for a Horse Rug Before you look at horse rugs for sale, properly measure your horse. Stand your horse on a flat surface and use a cloth tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Place one end of the tape measure at the center point of your horse’s chest, just below the base of his neck. Keeping the tape measure straight and taught, run it along the point of your horse’s shoulder and straight down his body, not allowing it to fall into the curves of his body. Pull the measure all the way to the point of your horse’s buttocks just before his tail, and end your measurement there. The number of centimeters of your measurement will give you the size of your horse’s rug. Many retailers who sell horse rugs have sizing charts on their websites to help you find the most accurate fit.
Adjusting the Rug for the Horse Once you buy horse rugs you will need to adjust each of them to properly fit your horse. Place the rug on the horse and adjust it so that the very top sits just in front of your horse’s withers. Fasten up the neck closure so that it is tight enough to keep the rug from sliding back. Adjust the surcingles so that there is no more than a hand’s width between the straps and your horse’s belly. Leaving the surcingles too loose can result in your horse getting his legs trapped up beneath them. Finally, adjust the back leg straps so that they do not hang too loosely. The straps should not hang any farther than your horse’s hocks, but should be loose enough to allow your horse full use of his hind legs.
Watch Out for Rug Fit Issues Sometimes, even despite measuring correctly, certain rugs just aren’t good fits for certain horses. Stay on the watch for rug fit issues, such as a rug which causes rubs. If you see that a rug is rubbing your horse, remove it and replace it with a different rug. Consider selling any rugs that do not fit properly and replace them with well-fitting rugs. Additionally, watch how the rug stays in place when your horse is turned out. If a rug is too big, it may slip and can put your horse in a dangerous position. Keep an eye on your horse the first few times you turn him out wearing a new rug to be sure that it is a good and safe fit. Measuring your horse properly is the first step to buying a horse rug that fits. Proper fit is a safety issue, so take all the time you need until you’re certain that your horse’s rugs fit properly. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses.
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