Buying Your Child a Pony

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Buying Your Child a Pony Are you thinking it might be time to buy your child a pony? Buying either a horse or a pony is a big commitment. Before you buy a pony for your child, you will want to be sure that your child is ready to own a pony.

Is Your Child Dedicated to Riding?

The last thing that you want to do is go through the trouble of looking at ponies for sale and buying a pony, only to discover that your child wants to stop riding next month. If your child is relatively new to riding, it is advisable to wait a bit before making the jump into buying a pony. Give your child time to settle in to riding and learn if he or she truly enjoys it. An alternative to buying a pony can be leasing a pony so that the commitment is temporary.

Is Your Child Emotionally Ready?

Owning a pony is a big commitment, and depending on your child’s age, a pony will put new demands on your child. Your child may be required to feed and care for the pony on a regular basis, and this dedication can mean that sometimes your child has to miss out on time that could be spent with friends or doing other activities. Is your child emotionally ready to understand the demands of pony ownership?

Are You Financially Ready?

Before you start looking at ponies for sale, find out exactly how much it costs to own a pony. Speak with a local trainer, agistment owner, or horse owner; they can provide you with good approximations of the cost of horse ownership. Write out a budget that includes unexpected expenses, like emergency vet visits and treatments for potential illnesses or injuries. Is the budget easily within your financial capabilities? If not, leasing a pony might provide an option that is less financially demanding.

Do You Have a Trainer?

If you yourself are not familiar with owning a pony, you will need to have someone in your life who is an experienced horse owner and who can act as a resource to you. While researching how to care for a pony will provide you with a great background, you will need a trainer or agistment owner who can provide firsthand experience and advice.

Buying a pony for your child is not a decision to make quickly. Spend some time considering whether both your child and your family are really ready to buy a pony.

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