Buying Your First Horse as a Beginning Rider

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Buying your first horse when you’re a beginner brings with it a special set of challenges. You will want to be sure that the horses for sale that you look at are safe and healthy, but that can be difficult when you are new to riding. The tips below will get you started on the right path in your search for a new horse.

Enlist Help

No matter how much research you perform or how many different people you ask for advice, buying a horse is not something to attempt based on secondhand knowledge. Before you start looking at horses for sale, find some experienced horse people who can help you. These people should have your best interest at heart – your trainer or riding instructor is an ideal partner to help you on your search for a new horse. Close friends who are aware of your riding level and experience and who have lots of experience in owning and buying horses can also help you with this process.

Understand Your Riding Level

Before you begin the search for a horse of your own, you need to make an honest assessment of your riding skills and experience. Are you a strong, confident rider who has worked hard for a few years and advanced quickly? That type of rider will be looking for a different horse than a more timid rider who approaches riding with a bit more hesitance. You will need to understand how well you can cope with minor training and behavior issues, as this will affect the type of horse that will be a potential match for you.

Find an Agistment

If you have never owned a horse before, there are many day-to-day skills that you will need to have in order to properly care for your horse. It is best, when you buy your first horse, to find an agistment which offers a full-care option. Having knowledgeable people on site to help care for your horse can keep him safe and healthy. This will also give you time to acquire the skills and knowledge that you will need to one day care for your horse on your own, while keeping both you and your horse safe in a supervised environment.

Know What You’re Looking For

Before you set out to look at horses for sale, work with your trainer and horse-owning friends to determine the type of horse that is best for you. What experience and temperament does the horse need to have to make him a safe match for you? Are there behavior or characteristics that you absolutely want to avoid in a horse? Forming a definite idea of what you need in a horse will make your search easier.

Buying a horse as a beginning rider can be done successfully, but only with an honest awareness of your current riding level and the type of horse that will help you continue to be successful.

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