Can Your Truck Pull That Horse Float Safely?

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When you look at horse floats for sale, there’s one important safety issue that you always need to take into consideration: Whether your truck can pull the horse float safely. Pulling too much float with not enough truck can put you, your horses, and other drivers into dangerous situations. Here’s what you need to know about matching your horse float to your truck.

Know Your Truck’s Towing Capacity

Start off your search not by looking at horse floats, but by looking at your truck. Your truck’s owner’s manual will include information about how much weight your truck is rated to pull, along with how much weight your truck can handle in total, which includes the weight of the truck, the horse float, and all of your gear and passengers.

Look for a Horse Float Well Within Your Truck’s Towing Capacity

Once you know your truck’s towing capacity, it’s time to decide how heavy a horse float the truck can tow. Remember that you will need to account not just for the horse float’s weight, but also for the weight of the horses, your tack, feed, water, and any other supplies that you will be towing. This can quickly add up, and when you’re hauling live weight, it’s best not to haul any more than 80% of your truck’s towing capacity. It’s even better if you can stay well below that.

Consider the Tongue and Axel Weight

Once you’ve found a horse float that is well within your truck’s towing capacity, you’ll need to consider the tongue and axel weight of the float. Choosing a float with a tongue or axel weight greater than what your truck is rated to support can overload your truck, cause an uneven weight distribution, and create unnecessary wear on your truck.

Double-Check Your Horse Float’s Weight

Many manufacturers provide the weight of the empty horse float, but some don’t. It’s always a good idea to double-check so you know exactly how much weight you’re dealing with. This can be easily done by putting your horse float onto a truck and float scale.

Equipping your truck with air lifts over the suspension and an electronic brake control will help ensure a safer, smoother ride. Don’t forget to also make sure that you have appropriate tires on both the truck and horse float before you take any trips.

Good luck in finding a great horse float that is perfect for your truck.

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