Caring For Your Horse Float’s Floors

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After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float of your own, it is up to you to ensure that your horse float is well cared for and stays safe for your horses. Caring for your horse float’s floors is of the utmost importance – loading a horse onto a float with weak or damaged floors could be a potential disaster. Here’s how to take care of your horse float’s floors to keep them in good shape and safe for your horse.

Use Only Top-Quality Materials

The first step in keeping your horse float floors in great shape is to use only the best materials in the floors. If your horse float’s floors are made of wood, then invest in heavy-duty, solid wood that can withstand the weight and stress demands that will be placed on it. Reinforcing your horse float’s floors with steel beams is also advisable, and can allow the flooring materials to last longer.

Prevent Rust

Rust prevention is hugely important, since rust can spread quickly and can eat away at your horse float. Be sure that any metal portions of your horse float’s sides and floors are coated in a rust preventative. If you happen to find rust beginning on your horse float’s floors, taking action early on can help to contain the floors and keep the rust from spreading.

Clean the Floors Regularly

You should clean your horse float after each use. Urine can eat away at the float’s floors, and leftover hay and manure can make your horse float smell. Sweep out any remaining hay and shavings, and then remove the floor mats. Hose out the horse float and the mats, allowing them to dry before replacing the mats.

Allow the Floor to Dry Completely

Closing up your horse float when the floor is still wet can lead to rust, wood degradation, and other issues. Whenever you’re working on the float or have returned from a trip, be sure to give the float’s floors plenty of time to dry before replacing any floor mats.

Inspect the Floors Regularly

It’s so important to inspect the floors of your horse float on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for issues like rust, weakened areas, or floorboards that are damaged and may need to be replaced. Remember, horse float floors, especially those made of wood, will require maintenance, so keeping a close eye on them can help you to keep your horse float safe.

Whether looking at horse floats for sale or caring for your own horse float, the overall safety of the float can depend on its floor.

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