Common Horse-Buying Mistakes

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Buying a horse can be an emotional process, and sometimes buyers make mistakes. After looking at horses for sale, you don’t want to make the wrong choice in selecting your next equine partner. Doing so could be expensive and frustrating. If you’re thinking of buying a horse, check out the common mistakes below that people often make when buying a new horse.

Buying Too Much Horse

That sleek sport horse may look stunning in photographs and videos, but is he really what you’re looking for? It’s easy to become entranced with some of the athletic and beautiful horses for sale, but purchasing one of these horses when you are inexperienced or timid is a recipe for disaster. Riders who purchase horses that are too much for them are putting themselves in a dangerous position, and they’re also setting the horse up to fail. Evaluate your riding skills and comfort level honestly, then look only at horses for sale which are a good fit for you in terms of skill and temperament.

Buying an Untrained Horse

It may be tempting to try to save money by buying a horse with little to no training. The idea of training a horse from the very beginning is also appealing – you’d get to bond with the horse, and teach him everything that he knows. Unless you’re an experienced trainer, though, this is not a good idea. Horse training can be a dangerous job, and if done incorrectly it can cause the horse stress, confusion, and even physical harm. Leave training horses up to the professional trainers

Buying a Horse for Its Color

You may have always dreamed of having a horse with a particular coat color – palominos and greys are particularly popular. But when you’re looking at horses for sale, it’s time to put that dream aside. In searching for a horse of a particular color, you may be bypassing many horses who could be perfect for you. Buying a horse because his coat is a certain color may also result in you buying a horse that you wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

Not Thoroughly Checking Out a Horse

Regrettable horse purchases often result when buyers do too little research into the horse. Be sure to take multiple trips to visit a horse for sale that you’re interested in, and seriously consider having a prepurchase exam performed to make sure that the horse is physically capable of performing the job that you have in mind.

Buying a horse is an expensive choice. Don’t make these common mistakes that make buyers regret their decision to buy a certain horse.

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