Could a Horse Float Camera Be Right for You?

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When looking at horse floats for sale, checking to see if they have a video camera system installed probably isn’t on the top of your checklist. But maybe it should be – video camera systems in horse floats, which allow you to monitor your horses as you drive, have many major benefits. Could a video monitoring system be right for you and your horse?

The Anxious Traveler

Horses that don’t travel well can be at risk of injury in the horse float. If a horse becomes trapped on a part of the float, or otherwise injures himself, time is of the essence, and the sooner that you know something is wrong, the more you will be able to help your horse. A horse float camera system can alert you to when things go wrong, and can also reassure you when your horse is okay.

The Inexperienced Traveler

Transportation by horse float can be frightening for any horse, but you want to keep a particularly close eye on a horse who is inexperienced with riding on a horse float. A video monitoring system can let you watch how well your horse is faring during the trip, and if he gets anxious, hot, or worked up, you can pull over to calm him down before proceeding, making the trip easier for everyone.

Transporting Multiple Horses

If you’re pulling a large horse float with multiple horses, it’s important that you’re able to monitor their safety during the trip. Horses enclosed together in close quarters can fight and injure each other, and even horses that normally get along well can spar when confined together on the horse float. With video feed you can keep an eye on how your horses are getting along, and can stop to reposition horses before serious issues occur.

Peace of Mind

One of the major advantages of a horse float camera system is the fact that it adds to your peace of mind while you transport your horses. The camera system provides you with a continuous visual of what’s going on in the back of your horse float, so you won’t have to rely on the movement or feel of the horse float to alert you if something goes wrong.

Horse float cameras can make trips easier and safer for you and your horses. If you plan to transport your horses frequently or over long distances, you might want to invest in a camera system or ask if one is already installed when you look at horse floats for sale.

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