Could Hoof Boots Be Right for Your Horse?

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Do you ride your horse barefoot? Does he get a little sore out on rocky trails? Maybe you have your horse shod, but are looking for extra traction when riding on paved roads or in rocky areas. If so, then hoof boots might be right for your horse.

What Are Hoof Boots?

Among the wide array of tack for sale, hoof boots are one of the many types of horse boots available. Hoof boots are designed to fit over your horse’s bare hoof, though some styles can be applied over a shod hoof. Hoof boots are typically made of a sturdy rubber and cover the bottom of your horse’s hoof, protecting the sensitive frog and sole.

There are many different styles of hoof boots available. Some fasten around the hoof with Velcro, and some have neoprene sleeves which extend up to the horse’s fetlock, offering extra support. Some boots styles fasten with gauges or clips.

Regardless of the style, hoof boots are designed to offer your horse temporary support. Inserts are available for the bottom of some hoof boots, adding increased padding for sore-footed or laminitic horses. The rubber soles of the boots give your horse traction over normally slippery surfaces, like concrete or rock.

When To Use Hoof Boots

Hoof boots are ideal any time your horse’s hooves need extra protection. Endurance riders use hoof boots to protect their horses’ hooves from the rocky trails that they ride. Hoof boots can be ideal for use when you will be riding on the road for a long stretch of time, such as during a parade. The boots give your horse traction on the slippery surface whereas metal shoes would be slick.

Hoof boots can also offer your horse relief if he loses a shoe. A hoof boot will protect the sole of your horse’s hoof until the farrier is able to some and reapply the lost shoe. Some owners prefer to put hoof boots on their horses to help ease the transition from shod to barefoot.

Buying a Pair of Hoof Boots

Hoof boots are available in most stores which have tack for sale. Each brand of boot has a different sizing, so you will need to determine which brand of boot you wish to buy and measure your horse accordingly to find the right size. One other option is to make a template of each of your horse’s hooves. Trace each hoof onto cardboard and bring the template with you to determine which size boot your horse will need.

Hoof boots offer a way to temporarily give your horse additional support and protection. They can be ideal for avid trail riders or for horses which will be facing tough terrain. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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