Could Your Agistment Benefit from a Cat?

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Cats are frequent sights in agistments. They seem to always be on the prowl or asleep in a pile of horse rugs. If your agistment doesn’t yet have a cat or two, you might want to consider getting one. Here’s why.

Benefits of Agistment Cats

Rodent Control First and foremost, cats help to control the rodent population. Mice and other rodents can make a mess of barns, chew into grain bags, and can even chew holes in horse rugs and saddle pads. By bringing a cat into your agistment, you’ll immediately be cutting down on the rodent population.

A Cleaner Agistment

With fewer mice, your agistment will stay cleaner. It’s still important to store feed bags in rodent-proof containers, but there will be less of a chance that rodents will get into the feed.

Protection from Disease

Did you know that mice and rats carry over 35 different diseases that can be contracted by humans? You can contract these diseases through contact with the mouse or rat, or through contact with their feces, urine, or saliva. Cats can help to cut down on the rodent population in your agistment, helping to keep you protected.

Companionship for Your Horse

In addition to their excellent rodent control, cats provide another benefit: companionship for your horse. Some horses bond very closely with cats. This can be beneficial, especially in a situation where a horse is stalled alone and needs regular companionship.

Getting a Cat for Your Agistment

Bringing a cat into your agistment is a fairly easy process. Cats who live in your agistment need relatively little food, assuming that there are plenty of mice around for them to hunt and eat. Cats will need a sheltered place to sleep, and these are numerous in your agistment. They will also need continuous access to fresh water.

If you decide to bring a cat into your agistment, the easiest way to start is to ask if other agistments have cats that they would like to find new homes for. Agistment cats are common, so when cats have litters of kittens, agistment owners are often faced with the challenge of finding them homes.

Your local newspaper classifieds and the bulletin board in your local tack shop may also be another source for an agistment cat looking for a new home. Don’t forget to check online equine classifieds listings, like Top Horse, too.

There are many benefits to bringing a cat into your agistment. Do you think a cat is right for your stables?

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