Deciding whether to buy a pony or a horse for a child

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If your son or daughter is serious about riding, you may want to buy your child a horse or pony of his or her own. Before you look at horses or ponies for sale, think carefully. There are certain benefits and drawbacks to buying a horse and to buying a pony. Deciding whether a horse or a pony is right for your child will depend on a number of things.

Horses Versus Ponies

The main difference between horses and ponies is their size. Ponies are equines standing 14.2 hands or shorter. Horses stand over 14.2 hands tall. This size difference can be an advantage for a small child; a shorter pony can make the child feel more secure, and may be more proportionate the child’s small body. A small child may have an easier time cuing a pony with their legs than they would cuing a larger horse.

There is a disadvantage to the pony’s size, though: Although a pony may fit your child well initially, as your child grows he or she will eventually outgrow the pony. This can necessitate eventually buying a horse for your child and either selling or leasing the pony. Depending on your child’s age and bond with the pony, this can be a very difficult event.

If your child is relatively young, say, seven years old, then it may be in your best interest to buy a pony. A pony will better fit your child’s size at that age, and your child may feel more confident on a smaller pony than they would riding a horse. Additionally, a pony will mean that your child is closer to the ground – the long fall from a tall horse could result in serious injury to the child.

However, if your child is older, around age 12 or so, they will soon encounter a growth spurt. This could mean that your child will only be able to ride the pony for a few years before they outgrow it. Depending on your child’s riding plans and how long they want to keep the pony, the child’s age could be a determining factor in whether you should buy a pony or a horse.

Weighing the Differences

When deciding whether to buy a pony or a horse for a child, the individual animal’s characteristics should also factor in. If you’ve decided that either a pony or a horse would be suitable, and are weighing a certain pony against a certain horse, then look at each animal’s behavior, training, and experience levels. Which one will keep your child safer? Of the many ponies and horses for sale, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Deciding whether to buy a pony or a horse for your child depends on a number of factors. Choose carefully to ensure that your child has a dependable, suitable equine partner.

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