Do You Need a Sales Video When Selling Your Horse?

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Horses for sale are often listed with sales videos, but not all sales ads include video footage. When you’re selling a horse, is it really necessary to include a video? Here are some reasons why you might want to do just that.

Why Include Video Footage?

Videos help to showcase a horse’s movement and talents. Whereas photos can give a buyer an idea of a horse’s conformation and appearance, the only way to get a real sense of how the horse moves is through watching the horse in person, or through videos.

You can create sales videos to help draw attention to a horse’s impressive performance and traits. If you’re selling a jumper, then videos of the horse performing well over fences will help to attract a buyer. You might want to use video to highlight how calm and easygoing a horse is, or to show the impressive movement or carriage of a horse.

Videos Are A Must For Long-Distance Buyers

If you are selling an upper-level horse that might attract buyers from far distances, providing them with video footage will definitely be necessary. A potential buyer will not want to make a long trip unless they’re fairly certain that the horse you are selling could be a good match for their purposes. Being able to view multiple videos of a horse for sale will mean that a buyer is more willing to travel to see the horse.

In some cases, buyers may wish to buy the horse you are selling without ever seeing the horse in person. This is more likely to happen with top-level show horses, and when it does occur it’s usually in a situation where a buyer lives a great distance away and viewing the horse in person is impractical. In this case, having good quality sale videos to provide to the potential buyer can mean the difference between selling your horse and not making that sale.

Videos Help To Save Everyone’s Time

While you might not be eager to invest the time it takes to produce a good quality sales video for your horse, the truth is that having video footage available can actually save both you and potential buyers time in the end. Rather than needing to schedule a time to come out and see the horse move, video footage may show potential buyers that the horse is not what they’re looking for. If buyers decide that they don’t like the horse’s movement or style, then they will not need to schedule a time to visit. This will help keep your schedule free, keeping you available for other buyers who may be very interested in the horse.

While creating a sales video does take a little time, it’s a great tool to have on hand when you are selling a horse.

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