Easy Ways to Make Your Horse for Sale Stand Out

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When it comes to selling your horse, it’s important to make your horse stand out from the many other horses for sale. Before you set out to photograph your horse for his sale ad or to show him to potential buyers, follow these tips to help get your horse noticed.

Spend Time Grooming

A horse with a clean, shiny coat is far more appealing to a buyer than a horse who has just been brought in from the paddock. Take the time to thoroughly groom your horse on a regular basis. Doing so will create a healthier coat and a better, more eye-catching overall presentation.

Get Your Horse In Work

Being able to buy a new horse and go right to work with that horse is appealing to buyers. It reduces the amount of time that they will have to spend building up the horse’s strength and endurance, and means that they can start enjoying their horse from the saddle sooner. Because of this, it is best to have your horse in regular work before you list him for sale, if possible.

Having your horse in regular work has an added benefit - it improves his appearance. A horse who is being properly exercised will develop strength and muscling in the right areas of his body, improving the appearance of his build and making him look healthier and stronger overall.

Clip Your Horse

When selling a horse, especially when selling a show horse, the details matter. Spend time clipping your horse’s legs, muzzle, ears, and any other necessary areas to produce a clean appearance. You should also pull or trim your horse’s mane, as applicable for his discipline. Taking care of the little details can help a buyer envision your horse in the show ring, and can make your horse’s quality and best characteristics stand out.

Use Clean Tack

Whenever you are showing or photographing your sale horse, always use tack that is clean, in good repair, and well-fitting. Spending a few minutes to clean and oil your tack can greatly improve your horse’s presentation, and helps to give the impression that your horse is a quality horse who receives quality, attentive care. If a buyer comes to test ride your horse, be sure that the tack you use is appropriate for the discipline, comfortable, and safe.

There are always many horses for sale. Spending the time to take care of the little details can help your horse stand out, possibly leading to a faster sale.

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