Equine Insurance helps owners to prepare for the unexpected

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Owning a horse is a passionate and rewarding experience, however it can be a costly investment when the unexpected happens. Horses are natural flight animals and due to their natural instincts can act out of the ordinary and potentially cause harm to themselves and others. These incidents can occur at any time and could cost you a significant amount of money for veterinary bills and damages. To protect the wellbeing of your horse and safeguard your finances, equine insurance is a must for all horse owners.

There are various policies and options available for your horse depending on what cover you think is the most important.

Veterinary Fee Cover

Seeing your horse injured or ill is a stressful situation, and you do not want to be at the veterinary clinic weighing up whether you should choose to save your horse’s life or your bank balance from entering negative territories. With Veterinary Fee Cover, you will have peace of mind knowing the bills will be covered and the only conversation you will need to have is: what is the best treatment? For example: A Thoroughbred Gelding in Gisborne, Victoria, had right hind leg lameness which required veterinary attention. Luckily, the owner had insured her horse with Petplan Equine, who took care of the vet bill of $5,200, allowing her to focus on helping her horse recover.

Permanent Loss of Use

If your horse suffers a severe injury or illness that results in a permanent disability, equine insurance can help cover you for Permanent Loss of Use.

Liability cover

As mentioned, horses can be unpredictable and can potentially cause a range of problems, including: personal injuries from kicking, striking or biting; damage to properties from running through paddocks; or even cause trauma from road accidents. If you were found legally liable for causing damage or injury to a third party and had to provide compensation, Equine Cover can help to cover the costs.

Mortality, theft and straying

In the event that your horse strays, is stolen, passes away or is humanely put down, equine cover can help to ease some of the financial pain of the loss by providing you with the purchase price or market value of the horse. For example: A Warmblood mare from Picton, New South Wales, had colic and unfortunately had to be euthanized. While the emotional pain could not be eased, her insurance provider Petplan Equine was able to alleviate some of the financial burden by paying out more than $39,000.

Horse ownership brings many joys but in the event that something unfortunate happens, horse insurance can help owners make decisions without the stress of financial constraints.

Petplan Equine is an equine insurance specialist dedicated to providing insurance services to horse and pony owners. Petplan Equine offers an extensive range of cover, from Standard Horse Cover for veterinary fees, mortality, theft and straying; to Veteran Horse Cover for ponies and horses over the age of 17 for death due to injury or if it is lost, strayed or stolen. A policy from Petplan Equine provides you with the reassurance of having financial protection from an insurance provider that you can trust.

To provide your horse with the best protection, contact Petplan Equine on 1300 791 311 or visit Petplan Equine online for a quote.

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