Equipment That You Should Always Carry in Your Horse Float

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There’s some equipment that makes transporting your horse both easier and safer. Before you hit the road with your horse in tow, make sure that you always have the following in your horse float.

Spare Halter and Lead Rope

Halters have a way of breaking at the most inconvenient times. Make sure that you permanently store an extra halter and lead rope in your horse float.

First Aid Kits

Always stock your float with first aid kits – both for humans and for horses. As you use supplies from the kits, replace them before you head out on the road again.

Flashlight and Batteries

Keep a flashlight and batteries in your horse float. You’re sure to find many uses for them.

Spare Tire

You’d be surprised how many people haul their horses without a spare horse float tire. Make sure that your horse float’s tire is full inflated and ready to go in case you ever need it.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Keep a roadside emergency kit inside your horse float. This kit should include important items like tire changing supplies, roadside flares, jumper cables, and more.

Muck Bucket and Manure Fork

Always clean up after your horse, whether you’re at a show or heading out to a trail ride. Keeping a muck bucket and a manure fork in your horse float means that you’ll be able to clean up wherever you are.

Water From Home

Many horses don’t like the taste of strange water. If you’re going on a short trip, then it’s a good idea to bring some water from home in your float. You can store this water in coolers or jerry cans – just make sure they’re clearly marked as being for water and have never been used to carry fuel.

Extra Feed

It’s always advisable to bring along more hay and feed than you think you’ll need. You never know when a trip will last a little longer, or when a horse will eat a bit more than expected. Having the extra feed or hay on hand can be a lifesaver.

Mobile Phone

Never leave home without your mobile phone, and make sure that your phone is fully charged. Your phone is your lifeline to being able to call in help if your float breaks down on the road.

These items can help to ensure a smooth trip, and more often than not, if you have these items with you you’ll never need to use them.

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