Evaluating a Buyer When Selling Your Horse

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Selling your horse can be an emotional time. You’ll be saying goodbye to an equine friend, and letting your horse’s wellbeing and care be taken on by another owner. In selling your horse, it’s important to be responsible by thoroughly evaluating any potential buyer to make sure that they are suitable to own and care for your horse. Here are some ways you can help ensure that your horse is going to a good home.

Establish a Price

When listing your horses for sale, simply asking a reasonable price for a horse can help to deter people who are not serious about providing quality horse care. Giving away a horse may tempt people who otherwise would not have the financial abilities to support a horse. By asking a price, even a minimal one, you immediately establish the fact that the horse’s purchase (and following care) are to be taken seriously.

Pay Attention

From the very first time that a potential buyer contacts you, pay attention to their questions about your horse. If you’ve advertised your horse as being unsuitable for jumping, yet the first question a buyer asks you is whether your horse can jump, you should immediately be a bit suspicious about the buyer. Yes, they may have just overlooked the ad, but this could also be a sign that they don’t have your horse’s wellbeing at heart.

As you interact with a potential buyer, consider the information that they request. Are they asking the same types of questions that you would ask if you’re looking for a horse, or do they seem oddly unconcerned with the details? Any buyer who doesn’t find out the basics about a horse should make you pay attention.

Watch Them Ride

When a potential buyer comes to try out your horse for sale, closely observe how they interact with the horse. Are they experienced and treating your horse respectfully? How does the potential buyer do with your horse once in the saddle, and how does your horse react to the rider? Many horses will let you know right away if a rider is unsuited to them.

Ask for References

Most importantly, ask for references before agreeing to a sale. Ask the buyer to provide numerous references including a vet and farrier, a barn owner, and a trainer. Then call the references and ask them specific questions about the quality of the care that the potential buyer has previously provided to horses.

You can also request to see the agistment where your horse would be living before agreeing to the sale. Seeing the conditions of the agistment and the care received by the other horses there can give you additional insight to what your horse’s future with the buyer may be.

Listing your horses for sale can be an emotional time, and you will want to be sure that your horse is going to a good home. If you get a bad feeling about a potential buyer, then remember that it may be in your horse’s best interest for you to cancel the sale.

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