Eventing - Getting Started

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Are you considering making the switch to the thrilling sport of eventing? There are many event horses for sale to help you on your journey. In addition to buying an event horse, here are some steps to take to help with your transition to your new discipline.

Find a Good Eventing Trainer

The best thing you can do, prior to buying an event horse, is to find a good, experienced eventing trainer to see you through your journey. Look for a trainer who not only has eventing competition experience, but who has successfully brought riders along through the ranks of eventing.

Be sure that you and the trainer are a good fit, both in terms of your motives and aspirations. If you want a serious competition career in eventing and are willing to dedicate much of your life to the passion, find a trainer who can help you accordingly. If you’re more interested in trying out the lower levels of eventing as a fun challenge, then you will need to find a trainer who understands your desires and is willing to help you succeed without pushing you too much.

Find a Good Stable

Finding a good stable with access to a cross-country course will be imperative to your eventing training. Sometimes finding a stable and finding a trainer go hand-in-hand, so you might approach these two tasks as one. If you already have a trainer in mind, then make sure that whatever stables you look at will allow you to bring in your own trainer.

Look for stables with good facilities which will allow you to train in your new discipline. A standard-sized dressage ring is an asset, and a cross-country course, even a small one, is a necessity.

Buying an Event Horse

When looking at the many event horses for sale, try to keep things simple at first. Look for a horse which is safe, reliable, and experienced to help you make the transition into eventing. Remember that you can always ride your eventing horse for a few years and then look into buying a new event horse when you’re ready to move up in the levels.

Buy Your Basic Equipment

Eventing requires a large amount of equipment. Thankfully you do not need to have multiple saddles to compete in the lower levels. You will need some basics like a stopwatch, body protector, ASTM-certified helmet, protective leg boots for your horse, different outfits for each leg of the competition, and bridles and bits that are approved for competition. Speak with your trainer about your specific needs to make sure that you and your horse are properly equipped.

Attend an Eventing Clinic

Eventing clinics can give you a great leg up in your riding. Attending a clinic when you’re just making the change into eventing can help you decide whether the discipline is one that you want to seriously pursue. You can also gain some insight on the specifics of eventing training and competition.

Eventing is an exciting and fast-paced discipline, but take a bit of time and find a good eventing horse and trainer to make sure that your transition into eventing goes smoothly. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses.

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