Features That You Will Want to Include In Your Horse Stable

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Whether you’re buying or building a horse stable, there are certain features that will make your work both easier and safer. As you plan out your dream horse stable, consider including the following features.

Roomy Stalls

Plan on a horse stable with large, roomy stalls. Tight stalls can restrict your horse’s movement overnight, a particularly bad situation for horses suffering from arthritis or other physical ailments. Small stalls make it easier for your horse to become cast, potentially increasing the chance that he may injure himself.

Safe Aisle Footing

Make sure that the footing of your stable’s aisle is safe and provides plenty of traction. Look for a footing which is safe when both wet and dry. Having a quality footing in your aisles can reduce the chance of horse and handler accidents and injuries.

Wash Stall

Having a wash stall at your stables is a wonderful convenience. A wash stall leaves your hands free during bathing, and makes it easy to wash mud off of horses as you bring them inside. Wash stalls are also excellent when cold hosing injuries or preparing your horse for a show.

Large Tack Room

Be sure that your stables offer a large tack room, especially if you will be housing multiple riding horses. There should be a saddle and bridle rack for every horse at a minimum, though having extra racks is recommended. With a large tack room, you can comfortably accommodate multiple horses and riders at your stable.

Extra Storage

There never seems to be enough storage in horse stables. Make sure that your stable offers extra storage areas, as you’re sure to use them. Horse rugs, medical equipment, extra jumps, cleaning supplies – all of these need to be stored somewhere within your stables. Consider building extra cupboards and closets, and outfit your stables with plenty of hooks and shelves.

Separate Hay Building

Storing hay in or above the stables is a major fire hazard. Improperly cured and stored hay can heat up and self-combust, causing a fire which will rapidly spread. Instead, create a separate building designated just for hay storage. This building should be far enough away from the stables to keep a potential fire from spreading. This simple feature can help to protect your stables.

As you design or plan your stables, including these features can make it easier to provide your horses with quality care.

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