Features You Might Want in Your Next Horse Float

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If you’re looking at horse floats for sale, there are some features that you might want to consider having in your next horse float. Horse floats come in a wide variety of styles with a wide variety of options and features. Some of these improve the float’s safety and some of these make transporting your horse more easy and convenient.

Removable Head, Chest, and Center Dividers

Many horse floats rely on dividers to keep horses separated. While some of these dividers are fastened in place and immovable, some horse floats offer the option to either swing or fold away the head, chest, and center dividers. This can make loading a nervous horse easier, and you can give a horse more room during transport than you could with the standard float. The option to move dividers can also help in unloading a horse, or in storing extra large equipment like tack trunks and carts.

Padded Interior

A padded interior can make your float a safer place for your horse to be. Padded divider sides help cushion your horse during transport, and a padded chest bar and butt bar lessen the chance that your horse will rub or cut himself during the ride. Padded interiors are especially helpful for horses who are nervous travelers, and they can be beneficial when transporting ill or injured horses to the hospital.

Breakaway Automatically Activated Breaks

One feature that you likely do not want to go without are automatic breakaway breaks on your horse float. Automatic brakes come into function in the event that the horse float ever separates from your truck. The brakes work to slow the float, and can help to prevent disasters.

Light-colored Interior

While you might not notice the difference between a gray interior and a black interior in a horse float, your horse probably will. Light, open spaces are more welcoming to horses than dark spaces are. If possible, look for horse floats with light colored interiors - this design can help encourage your horse to load. Additional windows and high ceilings can also make the space more welcoming.

Back Door That Can Be Fastened Open

If you will be transporting your horse in the heat, the option to fasten part of the back door of your horse float open will help to keep your horses more comfortable during the ride. When looking at horse floats for sale, look at whether they are designed so that you can leave a window of the back door open while you are driving.

There are countless options available when you’re looking at horse floats for sale. Make a list of those most important to you so that you can be sure to buy the horse float that is right for you.

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