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Cleveland Bay

Cleveland Bays are the oldest pure breed of Warmblood horse in the world, their history goes back over 400 years. The Cleveland Bay owes its beginnin

KWPN–Dutch Warmblood

The KWPN stands for Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sporthorse) and focuses on breeding warmblood sport

Legend of the Blood Stained Shoulder

The ‘bloody shoulder’ marking has been prized by Arabian horsemen throughout the Middle East for hundreds of years! Traditionally an Arabian characte

Friends...horses need company as much as we do!

Did you know a horse’s social life is just as important as ours? Horses are herd animals and knowing this helps a lot when it comes to understanding

Living Legends–Australia's Champion Racehorses

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with champion racehorses like Melbourne Cup winners, then a visit to Living Legends is a must. L

The Art of Side Saddle

Up until the early 1900’s, side saddle was the ONLY way for a lady to ride! As far as history goes, women didn’t always ride side saddle...many actua

Born to be Wild

Do you ever wonder how wild horses survive without rugging, worming, the farrier, the vet and the dentist? Actually it’s only domesticated horses th

Hair Whorls Explained

Hair whorls come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and positions!
 A whorl, (also called a swirl, crown, cowlick or trichoglyph), is where the hair

Top Horse Questions to Ask Before Breeding a Horse

Top Horse questions to ask before… BREEDING A HORSE • Am I doing this for me or because I want to play with a baby horse? There’s no denying any

The Morgan Horse

Morgan horses are known for their versatility, beauty, intelligence, courage and calm temperament. There are recognisable by their stylish, proud car

The Standardbred

Standardbreds can do more than just harness racing...they make a fantastic a first horse and you won't find a better, more reliable friend!


Welsh Pony and Cob

Everyone knows the Welsh Mountain Pony, also known to breeders and fanciers as Section A, and everyone seems to have a story about the Welsh–lots of

Lighten Up...You Don't Need a Death Grip on the Reins

All knowledgeable horse people would hate seeing horses being hauled around by the reins. Often the rider is oblivious to the pain they are causing–t

Miniature Horses

These mini-sized horses are super-intelligent and FUN! So many horse lovers are unaware why the Miniature Horse is the ideal horse to own. The Min

Top Horse Questions to Ask Before Buying a Horse

Top Horse questions to ask before…. BUYING A HORSE • (If under 18) Do I have the support of my parents/guardians? You can’t do it on your own!

Insight on Eyesight–how horses see

The equine eye is the largest of all land mammals­–whales, seals and the ostrich are the only other animals that have larger eyes. How well do horses

Up to Scratch–Relieving Itchy Horses

You’ve just finished an energetic ride and your horse is hot and sweaty. You dismount and walk in front of him, only to be almost knocked off your fe

Your First Horse

Top Horse’s guide for new owners. The cost of owning a horse depends on lots things, like if the horse will be agisted, need supplementary feeding

Blind Horses

Blind horses can lead useful lives and even be ridden regularly! There’s no doubt that a blind horse in the wild wouldn’t survive long. He’d soon

Horse Keeping on a Budget

Horses can be expensive to keep, as all you horse owners already know! There’s SO much necessary for their well-being...from feed, shoeing, rugs and