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How to Avoid Scammers When Purchasing a Horse Float

When it comes to looking at horse floats for sale and purchasing a horse float, it is important to keep an eye out for potential scams. Unfortunately

How to Tell If You Are Ready to Buy a Horse Float

Do you find yourself looking at horse floats for sale with plans of buying your first horse float? Buying a horse float is a big investment, and when

Last-Minute Items That Could Come In Handy at Your Next Horse Show

When you’re packing up your horse float before heading off to a horse show, you might forget some items that could really come in handy. While large i

Are You Using the Right Saddle Pad for Your Horse?

When looking at tack for sale you will quickly discover that the variety of saddle pads available is staggering. How do you know that the saddle pad y

Signs That Your Saddle Doesn’t Fit Your Horse

Whether you’re looking at horses for sale or have been riding your horse for years, it’s important to be aware of the common signs that your saddle do

Signs You Are Ready to Buy Your First Horse

The decision to buy your first horse is a big one. Horses are large animals who can be dangerous if not handled properly. They live for over 20 years

How to Design an Attention Grabbing Horse for Sale Ad

When advertising your horse for sale, you will be competing with thousands of other ads. It’s important to make your horse’s for sale ad stand out fro

Signs That Your Saddle Fit Is Bothering Your Horse

When you ride your horse on a daily basis, proper saddle fit is very important to keeping your horse comfortable and performing at his best. But do yo

Ways to Get Your Horse Rug Super Clean

Horse rugs get dirty – it’s to be expected. In fact, horse rugs can get really, really dirty, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them super clea

5 Ways to Be a Great Riding Student

Do you want to become a better rider? Do you want to be a great riding student and learn everything that you can? Here are five ways that you can help

Are You Ready for a Green Horse?

Are you looking at horses for sale and considering getting yourself a green horse? Green horses can be great, but if you’ve never trained a green hors

Resources Which Can Make Buying a Horse Easier

The process of looking at horses for sale and buying a horse of your own may seem overwhelming at first. Truth is, you probably have access to a numbe

Bonding with a New Horse

You’ve looked at countless horses for sale and have finally settled on the right horse for you. Now you’re prepared to bring the new horse home. Are y

Loading a Horse Onto a Horse Float

When buying a horse float and looking at the horse floats for sale, are you wondering how you’ll ever get your horse on board? Loading a horse onto a

Options to Consider When Outfitting Your Gooseneck Horse Float

If you are looking at goosenecks for sale, then you’ve probably discovered that gooseneck horse floats tend to come with all sorts of optional feature

Red Flags When Buying a Horse

When you’re looking at horses for sale, there are certain red flags that you need to be aware of. Here are just a few signs that something may be amis

Tips to Successfully Load Your Horse in a Float

You’ve looked at horse floats for sale and have bought a horse float of your very own – great! Now it’s time to load up your horse and hit the road. L

Before You Buy a Horse

Thinking about buying a horse of your own? Before you start looking at horses for sale with plans to buy a horse of your own, you should make sure tha

Buying a First Horse as a Nervous Rider

Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport, and many riders face confidence and fear issues. If you are a nervous rider or have recently been shaken by

How to Find a Good Home When Selling Your Horse

When you list your horse for sale, you will be allowing him to go to a new home that will be responsible for caring for him. In selling a horse, you g