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How to Get a Great Reputation for Selling Horses

If you plan on selling horses on a regular basis, then establishing a good reputation amongst the equine community can make future sales easier. Befor

How to Let Your Horse for Sale Go On Trial

When listing your horse for sale, you should be prepared for a potential buyer to request a trial period with your horse. Trial periods are fairly com

Marketing Your Stallion at Stud

Are you looking to help make your stallion at stud stand out from the other stallions? Marketing your stallion well can lead to increased bookings and

How to Slow Down the Fast Horse

Whether test riding horses for sale or riding your own horse, at some point you will probably find yourself on a horse who is going too fast for comfo

Tips to Keep Your Horse Rugs in Great Shape

Horse rugs are an expensive investment, and your horse puts their durability to test. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to help keep

What to Think About When Looking for a New Riding Stable

Whether you’re looking for a new riding stable to take lessons at, or are looking for a horse stable where you can board your horse, you will want to

How to Make Sure You’re Feeding Your Horse a Healthy Horse Feed

Horse feeds are not all made the same, and some horse feeds may be healthier for your horse than others. Let’s take a look at how to tell whether the

The Benefits of Solar Panels When Camping With Your Gooseneck Horse Float

Gooseneck horse floats are particularly great when you’re headed out for multiple days of camping with your horse. When you start looking at horse flo

When Buying a Project Horse May Be Right for You

Are you starting to look at horses for sale with thoughts of buying your next horse? Have you ever given thought to buying a project horse? Taking on

How to Better Control Your Horse Show Nerves

Do you find yourself battling with nerves every time that you head to a horse show? Horse show nerves are common, but if left unchecked, they can get

How to Decide Whether Your Horse Needs a Rug

When the weather gets cold, many horse owners dig into their collection of horse rugs to find something to keep their horse warm and dry. But does you

What You Should Know Before You Go to Test Ride a Horse for Sale

Test riding a horse is a standard part of looking at horses for sale. When buying a new horse, though, you don’t necessarily want to spend more time t

Horse-Related Careers to Consider

Do you dream of having a career in the horse world? There are many careers that involve working with horses. Here are a few careers that you might wan

Signs It’s Time to Find a New Trainer

Your trainer is your motivator, instructor, and ally in your riding, but sometimes you may need to look for a new trainer. There are many reasons why

Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Having an Accident While Driving a Horse Float

If you’re looking at horse floats for sale, then chances are that you have plans of traveling with your horse. It can be so much fun to take your hors

How to Find a Great Sales Agent for Your Horse

Advertising your horse for sale and selling your horse takes time and persistence. You’ll need to be available to answer buyers’ questions and show th

How to Tell the Value of a Saddle for Sale

Judging the true value of a saddle for sale can be a little tricky. There are countless brands and models of saddles, and each individual saddle’s con

What to Do With Your Horses When Advertising a Horse Property for Sale

When you list your horse property for sale, you’ll put a lot of effort into staging the property so it’s appealing to buyers. But if your horse proper

Tips for Keeping the Fly-Sensitive Horse

While flies are annoying to all horses, some horses have a more difficult time with these insects than others do. Horses which are highly sensitive to

Ways to Deal With the Frustration of Buying a Horse

Let’s face it: Buying a horse can be a frustrating process. It’s important to find a horse that’s right for you, that’s also within your budget. This