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How to Set Your New Horse Up for a Successful First Ride

After looking at horses for sale and bringing home your new horse, chances are that you’re excited for your first ride. Your first ride is also the fi

Is Buying a Horse Property in an Equestrian Community Right for You?

When looking at horse property for sale, you’ll likely encounter some properties which are part of an equestrian community. Is buying a horse property

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Horse Rugs

Horse rugs can get expensive, especially when you own multiple horses or need to buy multiple rugs. Buying used horse rugs can help you to save money,

Five Ways to Find the Perfect Horse Property for Sale

When looking at horse properties for sale, you’ll have many options to choose from. But finding that perfect property can be a challenge. These five t

Tips for Storing Your Gooseneck Horse Float

When you look at gooseneck horse floats for sale and finally buy a float for your own, you’re making a big investment. A good horse float will last y

Ways to Keep Your Horse Exercised When You’re Busy

Have you been feeling guilty because you’re too busy to ride your horse, so he’s not getting the exercise he needs? Owning a horse can get challenging

Great Ways to Become a Better Rider

Do you feel like you’re at a standstill in your riding? Improving your riding skills is a long-term journey. These tips are some great ways to become

Help Your Old Horse to Live Longer

Older horses and senior horses are some of the best equine partners around. But as horses age, their needs and activity levels change. While you may b

How to Make Your Horse Float Safer

When you load into your horse float and head off on a trip, safety becomes a major concern. From looking at horse floats for sale to maintaining your

Basic Skills Every Horse Owner Should Have

If you’re planning on looking at horses for sale and buying your first horse, there are some skills that you should have before you make the jump into

Five Ways to Save Money When You Buy a New Horse Float

A new horse float is a major investment. Before you start looking at horse floats for sale, be sure to check out our five tips that will help you save

Should You Let Your Horse for Sale Go on Trial?

When you advertise your horse for sale, you may have some interested buyers ask if they can take your horse on a trial. The decision of whether or not

How to Find a Good Home for Your Sale Horse

When you advertise your horse for sale and are contacted by potential buyers, you will need to face the fact that soon your horse’s well being and car

How to Get a Great Deal When Buying a Horse Float

Everyone wants to get a good deal on their major purchases, and getting a good deal when buying a horse float is no exception. If you’re looking at ho

Mental Skills that Can Make You a Better Rider

Horseback riding is a highly physical activity, but your mental thoughts make up a large portion of your success as a rider, too. Are you a mentally s

How to Assess a Riding Arena When Buying a Horse Property

If you’re looking at horse properties for sale with plans of doing some serious riding or running a training business, then the riding arenas on a pro

Safety Features to Look for In a Horse Float

When you transport your horse, you want to know that he is as safe as possible. Your horse’s safety starts by looking for the safest horse floats for

Tips for Buying a Saddle When You Ride Multiple Horses

When looking at saddles for sale, how well that saddle will fit your horse is usually a major consideration. But what if you ride multiple horses? If

Tips for Quarantining Your New Horse

When you buy a new horse, it may be necessary to quarantine him before introducing him to the other horses at your property. There are many diseases w

Ways to Increase the Value of Your Sale Horse

Are you planning on selling a horse in the future? There are a number of ways that you can increase the value of your sale horse before advertising hi