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Horse Properties for Sale - Tips On Purchasing

Having your horse at home can be a luxury, but only if you purchase a horse property that will work for you. When shopping for a horse property for sa

Laminitis -Safe Pastures for Horses With Laminitis

The most commonly asked questions by owners of horses and ponies with a history of laminitis are: 1. Which type of pasture is safe to graze and at wh

Selling Your Horse - Finding The Best Home

Selling your horse can sometimes be a long, slow process. There are many horses for sale, and sometimes it seems like you will never find the right bu

Feeding Your Horse In the Spring

Feeding a horse in the spring presents a unique set of challenges; the changing weather alters the quality of grass, and your horse will face differen

Horse Rugs For Sale - Guide to Buying & Fitting

With so many great types, designs and yes...even colours...of horse rugs for sale, owners are spoiled for choice! Gone are the days when the only ava

Selling A Horse - A Great Photo Can Help

A great sale photo can make the difference between selling a horse and not. People who are buying a horse want to have a clear idea of what your horse

Buying an allrounder horse - what to look for

Are you in the market for your next all-rounder horse? Buying an all-rounder horse is more difficult than finding a horse suited to one specific disci

Horse Floats For Sale - Choosing the right one for you

Buying a horse float can be exciting, but you want to make sure that you get the right float for your situation. There are many people who are selling

Paddock Politics

Observe any group of horses and you’ll discover there’s a couple of bossy boots among them! Horses have their own way of establishing pecking order..

Breeding a show pony

Breeding a top show pony can be an exciting experience. There are many show pony stallions at stud for you to choose from; choosing the right pony sta

Horse Breeds - The Gypsy Cob

Also known as the Romany Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Tinker Horse & Irish Tinker! For centuries Gypsies have travelled England, Ireland and Europe in their br

Stallions at stud - Choosing the right stallion

When breeding your mare, it is important to choose the right stallion from the many stallions at stud. Choosing the best possible match for your mare

Buying a showjumping horse - What to look for

Buying a showjumping horse is a different type of experience from buying a general riding horse. Good showjumpers must possess a number of certain cha

Buying an Ex-Racehorse

Off the track ex-racehorses can make wonderful mounts. There are many ex-racehorses for sale, and multiple organizations are rehoming ex-racehorses. H

Nothing but the Tooth

If you're a horse owner or dedicated reader of horse care books, you KNOW that horses need to see dentists as much as we do. Take a look at these pict

Horse Grooming Tips

After looking at horses for sale and finally buying a horse of your own, that horse’s daily care becomes your responsibility. Grooming is a large part

Which Breed of Horse Is Right for You?

When it comes to buying a horse and looking at horses for sale, you will see a wide variety of different breeds represented. But when buying a horse,

Yearly Horse Float Maintenance

After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float, it will be up to you to maintain the float. Proper yearly maintenance can help ensure

A Guide To Becoming A Successful Breeder

Nothing beats the satisfaction of breeding the foal of your dreams. Whether your aim is to breed a future superstar to compete on, or you relish the

Confidence Tricks–Top Horse Tips For Apprehensive Riders

Are you an apprehensive rider? Well take heart... you’re not alone! Top Horse has put together some tips to improve your riding enjoyment. 1. T