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Mistakes When Choosing a Stallion at Stud for Your Mare

Are you looking at stallions at stud with plans of breeding your mare? Before you set your heart on a stallion at stud, consider these common mistakes

Mistakes When Deciding to Breed Your Mare

Are you looking at stallion at stud with dreams of breeding your mare? Breeding your mare is a big decision, and it can have major implications on you

Imprinting your foal

If you are lucky enough to be expecting a foal in your stable, then you will certainly be brushing up on your tips for training a foal. Handling a new

Paddock Politics

Observe any group of horses and you’ll discover there’s a couple of bossy boots among them! Horses have their own way of establishing pecking order..

Stallions at stud - Choosing the right stallion

When breeding your mare, it is important to choose the right stallion from the many stallions at stud. Choosing the best possible match for your mare

A Guide To Becoming A Successful Breeder

Nothing beats the satisfaction of breeding the foal of your dreams. Whether your aim is to breed a future superstar to compete on, or you relish the

Horse Feed -Nutrition from Birth to 2 Years of Age

A horse’s diet changes significantly from the time it’s born until it reaches physical maturity. For certain individuals, physical maturity does not o

Stallions at stud -International Horse Breeders Pty Ltd

The equine frozen semen industry is an ever growing and evolving business. International Horse Breeders began their business in 1989, importing the f

Plan Ahead to Avoid Weaning Woes

Every foal has to go through it; every owner admits to some worries about it; and almost everyone survives it. For something that happens every year,