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The Friesian

Friesians are often referred to as Black Pearls! Friesian horses come from Friesland, a province in the north of the Netherlands (where they are refe

Horse Breeds - The Gypsy Cob

Also known as the Romany Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Tinker Horse & Irish Tinker! For centuries Gypsies have travelled England, Ireland and Europe in their br

The Arabian

'The horse is God's gift to mankind". (Arabian proverb). Who doesn't admire the exotic beauty of an Arabian horses for sale, one of the world's old

Cleveland Bay

Cleveland Bays are the oldest pure breed of Warmblood horse in the world, their history goes back over 400 years. The Cleveland Bay owes its beginnin

KWPN–Dutch Warmblood

The KWPN stands for Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sporthorse) and focuses on breeding warmblood sport

Legend of the Blood Stained Shoulder

The ‘bloody shoulder’ marking has been prized by Arabian horsemen throughout the Middle East for hundreds of years! Traditionally an Arabian characte

The Morgan Horse

Morgan horses are known for their versatility, beauty, intelligence, courage and calm temperament. There are recognisable by their stylish, proud car

The Standardbred

Standardbreds can do more than just harness racing...they make a fantastic a first horse and you won't find a better, more reliable friend!


Welsh Pony and Cob

Everyone knows the Welsh Mountain Pony, also known to breeders and fanciers as Section A, and everyone seems to have a story about the Welsh–lots of

Miniature Horses

These mini-sized horses are super-intelligent and FUN! So many horse lovers are unaware why the Miniature Horse is the ideal horse to own. The Min

The Australian Stock Horse

The breed for every need! Around 3.5 billions television viewers were eagerly awaiting the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, wondering wh

The Lipizzaner

The Lipizzaner is a very rare and special breed with only around 3,000 in the world....in fact, the European Union has actually listed the Lipizzaner

The Fjord

The Fjord (pronounced fee-ord) horse is one of the oldest and purest horse breeds in the world. As a wild horse, the Fjord migrated to Norway over 4,