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Help Your Old Horse to Live Longer

Older horses and senior horses are some of the best equine partners around. But as horses age, their needs and activity levels change. While you may b

Tips to Keep Your Horse Cool in Hot Weather

The hot days of the summer can take a toll on both horse and rider. You can help keep your horse cool and comfortable in a number of ways. These ideas

Magnesium deficiency caused by severe drought conditions

Low magnesium in cells exacerbates dehydration. Magnesium deficiency in animals can become critical during drought conditions because of heat stress,

Preventing Gas Colic

Rapid weather changes or sudden diet changes can bring on gas colic. Gas colic is a major horse health issue in which gas becomes trapped in your hors

Tips for Looking for a New Agistment Property

The agistment where you keep your horse can greatly affect your riding and enjoyment of your horse. When it is time to move on to a new property, find

Feeding young horses

Young horses have specific nutritional requirements, making their diets important for their successful development and growth. When feeding young hors

On the Thin Side

Do you sometimes see horses who are obviously much-loved but in poor condition and whose owners don’t seem to realise it. This isn’t intended to be a

Laminitis -Safe Pastures for Horses With Laminitis

The most commonly asked questions by owners of horses and ponies with a history of laminitis are: 1. Which type of pasture is safe to graze and at wh

The Nitty Gritty on Salt

The medical community remains deadlocked on whether humans crave salt to satisfy physiological needs or to fulfill acquired taste preferences. Equine

Feeding...the Inside Story

Your horse is a grass-eating machine! He has evolved over millions of years to survive on a diet of nothing but grass and although he is adaptable and

Stallions At Stud - Correct Feeding

When feeding stallions at stud you must be sure that his diet includes the proper nutrition to support him throughout his breeding season. Feeding a s