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How to Find a Great Farrier for Your Horse

Whether you’ve looked at horses for sale and have bought a new horse, or you’re looking to find a farrier who is a better match for your current horse

How to Take Care of Your Grooming Tools

Grooming your horse is a daily task that is important to your horse’s overall health. Because we use our grooming tools so frequently, it’s important

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Horse Truck Instead of a Horse Float?

Are you looking at horse trucks for sale with plans of buying a horse truck of your own? Many horse owners debate over whether buying a horse truck or

Could a Horse Float Camera Be Right for You?

When looking at horse floats for sale, checking to see if they have a video camera system installed probably isn’t on the top of your checklist. But m

How Much Does Schedule Matter to Your Horse?

Have you ever noticed how horses inherently know when it’s time to be fed, or how they will let you know if you’re late in turning them out? Horses ar

Never Buy a Horse Without Getting This Information

Are you looking at horses for sale with the plans of buying a new horse? There is some standard information that you will always want to get when look

Determining Temperament When Looking at Horses for Sale

A horse’s temperament can have a significant effect on whether you and that horse turn out to be a good match. While some sellers will identify a hors

How to Change Your Horse’s Feed

When looking at horses for sale and buying a new horse, you may feed a different type of feed than what the horse is currently eating. Knowing how to

Tips to Prevent Leg Injuries in Your Horse

Leg injuries can sideline horses for weeks or months at a time, and if you’ve just looked at horses for sale and have bought a horse of your own, leg

All About Flying Changes

Have you ever ridden a flying lead change? Horses for sale that can perform flying changes often bring higher prices than horses of similar quality th

Can Your Truck Pull That Horse Float Safely?

When you look at horse floats for sale, there’s one important safety issue that you always need to take into consideration: Whether your truck can pu

What You Should Never Do When Selling Your Horse

Are you planning on selling your horse? When listing your horse for sale and following up with interested buyers, there are a few things that you shou

Common Questions About Buying a Horse

Buying a horse and looking at horses for sale for the first time can be a whole new world. Have questions? We’ll try to answer some of the most common

Questions to Ask When Looking at an Allrounder for Sale

When looking for an allrounder, you will probably look at many good horses for sale. A good allrounder is priceless, but it can also be a challenge to

Could Your Agistment Benefit from a Cat?

Cats are frequent sights in agistments. They seem to always be on the prowl or asleep in a pile of horse rugs. If your agistment doesn’t yet have a ca

Common Questions About Selling a Horse

Are you planning on listing your horse for sale? There are many questions that arise when selling a horse for the first time. We’ve answered some of t

Questions to Ask When Looking at Horse Floats for Sale

Are you planning on buying a horse float? If so, you’ll probably look at a number of different horse floats for sale before finding the horse float th

Questions to Ask When Looking at Jumpers for Sale

Are you in the market for a showjumper? There are some very specific questions you should be sure to ask when you’re looking at showjumpers for sale.

Fire Safety and Your Agistment

Agistment fires are a huge fear of any horse owner. Whether you’ve had your horse for years or have just recently looked at horses for sale and brough

The Hidden Costs of Buying a New Horse

If you’re planning to look at horses for sale, you will want to have a good idea of just how much you can afford to spend on a horse. But when determi