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How to Make a Video to Help Sell Your Horse

When you advertise your horse for sale, having a sale video available can be an effective way to help sell your horse. A sale video shows buyers more

Ways to Save on Your Stall Bedding Costs

When you own a horse stable, you may find that your bedding costs can quickly add up. These practical tips can help you to save on your stall bedding

Inspection Points When Looking at Horse Floats for Sale

Do you know what to look for when inspecting a horse float for sale? Here are the inspection points that you don’t want to overlook. Floorboards

Seeking Sponsorship: Your Guide to Sponsorship in the Horse Industry – Part 1

Welcome to our new three-part series on successfully gaining sponsorship. If you’re a horse business, horse rider or horse event looking to launch or

What You Should Know About Finding Your Horse a Good Home

When it comes to selling your horse, you want him to go to a home that cares for him as well as you do. But selling your horse also requires that you

Top Reasons to Customise Your Horse Float’s Appearance

At first glance, customising your horse float’s appearance may seem like an unnecessary extra. But in truth, there are many practical reasons to custo

How to Fence Your Horse Property for Safety

Good horse fencing keeps your horses in, but it can also serve to keep potential dangers out of your pastures. When planning fencing for your property

Ways to Save Money on Your Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are absolutely essential if you want to keep improving as a rider, but their cost can also add up quickly. These tips can help you to s

How to Protect Your Investment in Your Horse Float

Buying a new horse float is a significant investment, but if you care for your float properly, it will last you for years. These tips can help you to

Reasons Why Your Horse Isn’t Selling

Have you listed a horse for sale, only to struggle to find a buyer? There are a number of common reasons why your horse isn’t selling. Here are some p

Options for the Unrideable Horse

When you own horses, you have to face the fact that at some point in their lives, horses may become unrideable. Most often caused by physical limitati

How to Leave for a New Boarding Stable on a Positive Note

It’s a fact of life that boarders move their horses to new boarding stables, but that doesn’t always mean that the process is a smooth one. If it’s ti

Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing to Breed Your Mare

You’re dreaming of foals and are checking stallions at stud in order to find the perfect match for your mare. But in order for a successful breeding,

Pre-Purchase Exam Tips When Looking at Horses for Sale

When you’re looking at horses for sale and find a horse that might be right for you, having a pre-purchase exam done can help to identify issues which

Are You Ready to Buy a Horse Property?

Are you thinking of looking at horse properties for sale? If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to buy a horse property of your own yet, take a look

Tips for Buying a Horse Float With Living Quarters

Having a horse float with living quarters can make such a difference when traveling to shows, trail rides, clinics, and other events which are far fro

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Stallion at Stud for Your Mare

When breeding a mare, one of the most important decisions that you’ll make is choosing an appropriate stallion at stud. But as you’re looking at stall

How to Find the Right Realtor When Buying a Horse Property

When you’re buying a horse property, having the right realtor for the task can have a huge effect on the success of your search. These tips can help y

Ways to Make Letting Your Previous Horse Go Easier

Selling a horse can be difficult, especially when it comes to letting that horse go to his new home. Our horses are our partners, and it’s hard not to

Tips to Prevent Ulcers in Your Horse

Stomach ulcers are a major health concern in horses. Whether you’re buying a new horse or want to keep your competition horse in good health, there ar