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Tips to Get the Most Life Out of Your Horse Sheds

Horse sheds are a great addition to many horse properties. They’re perfect for giving your horse a shelter without the expense of building an entire b

How to Use Your Next Horse Show to Help Sell Your Horse

Are you heading to a horse show with a horse that you’re planning on selling? Truth is, horse sells can be a useful way to help promote your horse for

Tips for Evaluating a Stable When Looking at a Horse Property for Sale

When you’re looking at a horse property for sale, you need to evaluate both the home and the stable. In evaluating the stable, you’ll need to decide w

Should You Consign Your Horse Float for Sale?

Did you know that when you decide to sell your horse float, you can actually consign it to a company to take care of the sale for you? Before you list

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Equestrian

Christmas is right around the corner, and the sooner you get your Christmas shopping done, the more time you’ll have to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Considerations When Looking at Older Horses for Sale

When you look at horses for sale, you’ll often be evaluating the horse on factors such as soundness, training, experience, and more. But what about wh

Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Arena Fence

When it comes to enclosing your riding arena, it’s important that you choose the right type of fencing for the job. Horse fencing is available in many

Simple Modifications to Increase Your Horse Property’s Visual Appeal

Whether you’re listing your horse property for sale or just want to revitalise your property, these modifications are simple and easy to make. Have yo

Should You Donate Your Horse to a Therapeutic Riding Program?

Have you ever thought that your horse might make a great therapeutic riding horse? Some owners choose to donate their horses to therapeutic riding pro

Ways to Save Yourself Time When Selling Your Horse

Selling a horse requires a time investment on your part, but there are a number of ways you can save yourself some time in the process. From listing y

Etiquette When Asking a Friend to Ship Your Horse

Many horse owners turn to their horse float-owning friends when they need to ship their horses. But if you overstep your bounds, this is a surefire wa

How to Find a Great Sales Agent for Your Horse

Advertising your horse for sale and selling your horse takes time and persistence. You’ll need to be available to answer buyers’ questions and show th

Tips for Shipping A Horse Who Is a Nervous Traveler

Do you have a horse who gets unusually nervous or stressed when being shipped? From looking at horse floats for sale to planning your trip, these tips

How to Tell the Value of a Saddle for Sale

Judging the true value of a saddle for sale can be a little tricky. There are countless brands and models of saddles, and each individual saddle’s con

Ways You Can Prevent Shipping Fever In Your Horse

You’ve looked at horse floats for sale, bought the float that’s perfect for you, and are ready to load up your horse for your first long trip together

Should You Accept Payments When Selling Your Horse?

When you advertise your horse for sale, you may find that some buyers contact you and ask if you are willing to take payments. This is more common whe

What to Do With Your Horses When Advertising a Horse Property for Sale

When you list your horse property for sale, you’ll put a lot of effort into staging the property so it’s appealing to buyers. But if your horse proper

How to Safely Feed Hay in Your Horse Float

You’ve looked at horse floats for sale, have found the perfect float, and are ready to begin transporting your horse. Before you load up your horse fl

How to Market Your Dressage Prospect

Do you have a dressage prospect who could have a great future ahead of him? Selling your dressage horse starts with how you list your horse for sale.

Selling Your Horse for the First Time? These Are the Items You Should Give the Buyer

When advertising your horse for sale for the first time, you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that a seller may come along quickly. When you sell y