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How to Tell When You’ve Outgrown Your Horse

Riders outgrow their equine partners for a number of reasons. Are you questioning whether your current horse is still right for you? You might have ou

Preparing Your Horse Float for a Long Trip

Are you looking at horse floats for sale because you plan on transporting your horse over long distances? Long trips with your horse require a lot of

Tips for Identifying Your Horse Tack and Equipment

The tack and equipment needed when owning a horse can be a costly investment. When you keep your horse at an agistment, it’s important to make sure th

Tips to Shorten Your Search for a New Horse

Buying a horse can take a long time. You may find yourself looking at many horses for sale without coming across the horse that is right for you. Than

Deciding whether to buy a pony or a horse for a child

If your son or daughter is serious about riding, you may want to buy your child a horse or pony of his or her own. Before you look at horses or ponies

Horse Floats For Sale | How to Clean Your New Horse Float

When you buy a used horse float, one of the first things that you will want to do is to thoroughly clean the float. Though the horse horse floats for

Is Your Hay Safe To Feed?

The majority of your horse’s diet consists of hay, and that forage is a key part of your horse’s health and nutrition. When feeding your horse, it is

Catching a Loose Horse

If a horse escapes from its pasture or handler, it can create a major safety issue. Loose horses are at risk of injuring themselves and others, especi

Tips for Buying Used Tack and Equipment

Buying tack and horse items and equipment used can be a good way to save money, but only if you do so carefully. If you buy used horseback riding equi

Tips to Quickly Sell Your Horse

Sometimes finances or agistment situations mean that you need to quickly sell your horse. At times like these, it’s important to reach many people loo

Buying Your First Horse as a Beginning Rider

Buying your first horse when you’re a beginner brings with it a special set of challenges. You will want to be sure that the horses for sale that you

Catching a Horse in a Field

After looking at horses for sale and buying a horse, you may face an issue that you hadn’t foreseen: catching him when he is loose in his field or pas

Horse Floats For Sale | Choosing a Truck to Pull Your Horse Float

When you own a horse float or horse trailer, it’s important that you have a truck properly equipped to safely pull the horse float. Does your current

Introducing a New Horse to a Herd

After trying different horses for sale, you’ve settled on the perfect horse for you. Buying a horse often means making changes to turnout herds. New i

Managing Your Horse’s Mane

Horse manes can be some of the most challenging aspects of grooming. Pulling a mane is a time-consuming chore. Left unmanaged, your horse’s mane can g

Staying Safe in the Show Warm-Up Ring

Staying Safe in the Show Warm-Up Ring The warm-up ring at horse shows can be a busy, crowded place. You’ll face horses and riders going every which w

Evaluating a Buyer When Selling Your Horse

Selling your horse can be an emotional time. You’ll be saying goodbye to an equine friend, and letting your horse’s wellbeing and care be taken on by

Horse Floats For Sale | Is Your Horse Float Safe?

It is vital that your horse float is safe; it transports your horse regularly and there’s nothing worse than having a disaster while on the road. Here

Pre-Show Checklist

After looking at horses for sale and finding just the right horse for you, you’re probably pretty excited to bring him to a horse show. Horse shows ar

Tips for Test Riding Horses for Sale

When buying a horse, you will probably test ride a number of different horses for sale. It’s important that you have a chance to ride a horse before y