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Tips for Hiring a Horse Sitter

As much as we love our horses, sometimes life means that we need to leave them for short periods of time – or sometimes for longer periods of time. Ho

Using the Right Type of Bit for Your Horse

The selection of horse bits available today is astounding. Bits for sale come in so many variations it’s hard to keep them all straight. There is no o

Helping your horse to overcome the fear of horse floats

Horse floats cause fear in many horses. Loading a horse onto a horse float can be a long process when the horse is fearful. There are a variety of

Time to Retire Your Horse

Is your horse getting older and slowing down in his current riding career? Retiring an equine friend is never an easy choice to make. Thankfully there

Ways to Stay Involved with Horses When You Don't Own a Horse

Do you find yourself yearning over horses for sale, wishing that you could have a horse of your own? If buying a horse is not currently a possibil

Are You Ready to Own a Horse?

Are you thinking about buying a horse ? Owning a horse is not a decision you should jump into lightly. Before you start looking at horses for sale, he

Time to Find a New Riding Instructor?

Next to your horse, your riding instructor or horse trainer is the closest ally you have on your journey towards your riding and competition goals

Float phobia – how to load the spooky horse

When you are buying a horse float and looking at floats for sale, are you wondering how you will ever load your spooky horse onto the float? Horse flo

Horse Rugs - What Horse Rug to Use When

When looking to buy horse rugs , you are looking to build a small collection from the many horse rugs for sale. But how do you know when to use each o

Teaching a horse to lead properly

Young horses do not inherently know how to lead properly; gradual horse training will help teach them this important lesson. Here are some horse train

Teaching a horse to lunge

Lunging a horse is an important part of training a horse and allows you to introduce new ideas to a horse before climbing into the saddle. But what if

Handling a young horse

When handling young horses, it is important to always keep safety in mind. When evaluating a youngstock for sale you will need to know how to safely h

Horse Floats For Sale - Tips On Buying a Horse Float

Researching horse floats for sale is always exciting...right up there with buying a new car! You need to consider your budget and whether you plan to

Horse Health - Worming

Regular worming is an important part of feeding and caring for your horse. Internal parasites can not only make horse feed less effective by reducing

Eventing - Getting Started

Are you considering making the switch to the thrilling sport of eventing? There are many event horses for sale to help you on your journey. In additio

Selling Your Horse - Finding The Best Home

Selling your horse can sometimes be a long, slow process. There are many horses for sale, and sometimes it seems like you will never find the right bu

Horse Rugs For Sale - Guide to Buying & Fitting

With so many great types, designs and yes...even colours...of horse rugs for sale, owners are spoiled for choice! Gone are the days when the only ava

Selling A Horse - A Great Photo Can Help

A great sale photo can make the difference between selling a horse and not. People who are buying a horse want to have a clear idea of what your horse

Buying an allrounder horse - what to look for

Are you in the market for your next all-rounder horse? Buying an all-rounder horse is more difficult than finding a horse suited to one specific disci

Buying a showjumping horse - What to look for

Buying a showjumping horse is a different type of experience from buying a general riding horse. Good showjumpers must possess a number of certain cha