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Buying an Ex-Racehorse

Off the track ex-racehorses can make wonderful mounts. There are many ex-racehorses for sale, and multiple organizations are rehoming ex-racehorses. H

Horse Grooming Tips

After looking at horses for sale and finally buying a horse of your own, that horse’s daily care becomes your responsibility. Grooming is a large part

Which Breed of Horse Is Right for You?

When it comes to buying a horse and looking at horses for sale, you will see a wide variety of different breeds represented. But when buying a horse,

Yearly Horse Float Maintenance

After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float, it will be up to you to maintain the float. Proper yearly maintenance can help ensure

Confidence Tricks–Top Horse Tips For Apprehensive Riders

Are you an apprehensive rider? Well take heart... you’re not alone! Top Horse has put together some tips to improve your riding enjoyment. 1. T

Horses For Sale - Tips For Buying a First Horse

You've taken your child to numerous riding lessons, thinking/hoping/praying they'd get the 'horse bug' out of their system. But no, it only increased

Horses for Sale - Choosing the right horse for you

Looking at horses for sale is always exciting for any horse lover. Perhaps the time is right to buy your first horse; you're moving up to a second mou

How to sell a Horse

Selling a horse can be tricky but if you follow the tips below, it will hopefully make the process easier! The first thing to consider is advertising

Priority Tail

We’d all love our horses to have a full, flowing tail. A thick, flowing mass of hair is the epitome of beauty. But looking at a lovely long tail and c

Tips on finding the most suitable horse float

If you’re looking for a horse float for sale, it pays to do your homework first. Buying a used horse float can be tricky, especially from someone you

Caring for the Older Horse

The care and management of old horses has been the focus of much scrutiny of late. The reason is obvious: horses are living much longer than they on

Friends...horses need company as much as we do!

Did you know a horse’s social life is just as important as ours? Horses are herd animals and knowing this helps a lot when it comes to understanding

Born to be Wild

Do you ever wonder how wild horses survive without rugging, worming, the farrier, the vet and the dentist? Actually it’s only domesticated horses th

Hair Whorls Explained

Hair whorls come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and positions!
 A whorl, (also called a swirl, crown, cowlick or trichoglyph), is where the hair

Top Horse Questions to Ask Before Breeding a Horse

Top Horse questions to ask before… BREEDING A HORSE • Am I doing this for me or because I want to play with a baby horse? There’s no denying any

Lighten Up...You Don't Need a Death Grip on the Reins

All knowledgeable horse people would hate seeing horses being hauled around by the reins. Often the rider is oblivious to the pain they are causing–t

Top Horse Questions to Ask Before Buying a Horse

Top Horse questions to ask before…. BUYING A HORSE • (If under 18) Do I have the support of my parents/guardians? You can’t do it on your own!

Your First Horse

Top Horse’s guide for new owners. The cost of owning a horse depends on lots things, like if the horse will be agisted, need supplementary feeding

Horse Keeping on a Budget

Horses can be expensive to keep, as all you horse owners already know! There’s SO much necessary for their well-being...from feed, shoeing, rugs and

Hat Chat...always wear a riding hat

When I started riding (and I’m not admitting how long ago that was!) hardly anyone wore a helmet for casual riding. They were worn only for riding le