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Tips for Buying a Small Horse Property

Are you ready to buy your first horse property? Great! As you look at horses properties for sale, remember that there are a few extra complications th

Tips to Safely Bring Home a New Horse

When looking at horses for sale, you’re likely focused on making sure that the horse is a great match for you. But once you’ve bought the horse, you n

Five Ways to Save Money When You Buy a New Horse Float

A new horse float is a major investment. Before you start looking at horse floats for sale, be sure to check out our five tips that will help you save

Safety Improvements to Make In Your Horse Stable

Your horse stable is your horse’s home, so you’ll want to make it as safe for both horses and people as possible. Consider making these safety improve

Tips for Evaluating a Horse Feed

There are countless horse feeds out on the market today. How can you tell if a particular feed is a good option for your horse? We have some tips to h

Tips for Buying Your Next Trail Horse

When you’re looking for your next trail horse, you need to approach the process of buying a horse a little bit differently. A good trail horse will ha

How to Maximise Traction in Your Horse Float

Horses traveling in horse floats have to contend with the changing forces as you turn, accelerate, and come to a stop. The floor of floats can be slip

Are You Ready to Own Your Own Stable?

Buying a horse property of your own is a dream for many horse owners, but actually making that dream come true can change your life. But before you in

Basic Skills Every Horse Owner Should Have

If you’re planning on looking at horses for sale and buying your first horse, there are some skills that you should have before you make the jump into

Buying a Horse Float for a Reluctant Loader

Is your horse reluctant to load into horse floats? You can help your reluctant loader to become more willing based on the type of horse float that you

Buying a Horse Rug - Fitting A Horse Rug

When you buy horse rugs, you will first need to make sure that the horse rugs are the right size for your horse. How do you choose the right sized rug

Selling A horse - Beware of Scammers

Are you planning to sell your horse soon? When selling your horse you will want to quickly find him a top home, but you need to protect yourself from

Are You Ready for a Green Horse?

Are you looking at horses for sale and considering getting yourself a green horse? Green horses can be great, but if you’ve never trained a green hors

Are You Using the Right Saddle Pad for Your Horse?

When looking at tack for sale you will quickly discover that the variety of saddle pads available is staggering. How do you know that the saddle pad y

Should You Let Your Horse for Sale Go on Trial?

When you advertise your horse for sale, you may have some interested buyers ask if they can take your horse on a trial. The decision of whether or not

Can Your Truck Pull That Horse Float Safely?

When you look at horse floats for sale, there’s one important safety issue that you always need to take into consideration: Whether your truck can pul

How Hills Can Make Your Horse Fitter

Do you have hills available on your property or on the trails that you ride? Hills can be a great way to make your horse fitter. Here’s what you shoul

The Advantages to Buying Rather Than Leasing a Horse

When it comes to deciding whether to buy or lease a horse, the right decision will partially depend on what you’re looking for in a horse and what typ

Performance Horses - Keeping them fit

What do event horses, showjumpers, dressage horses, endurance horses, and reining horses all have in common? Behind every top competitor are hours and

Tips for Marketing a Companion Horse for Sale

At some point, you may need to find a companion horse a new home. This can be a challenge, since owners looking for companion horses are few and far b