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Preparing to Bring Home Your First Horse

Congratulations! You’ve tried out horses for sale, found the perfect one, and are now buying your first horse. Before you bring home your horse, there

Does Your Horse Need a Dentist?

Did you know that regular equine dentistry is an important aspect of caring for your horse’s health? Equine dentists help to keep their patients comfo

How to take good photos of your horse

Photographing a horse can be challenging. Often photos of horses come out blurry, too dark, or just looking wrong. We all want to be able to take beau

Safety When Loading Your Horse Onto a Horse Float

Safety is always a major issue to consider when looking at horse floats for sale and horse trucks for sale. But once you’ve bought a horse truck or ho

Tips for Test Riding a Horse for Sale

When you’re buying a horse, the test ride is an important factor in deciding if that horse is right for you. These tips can help you to better evaluat

How to Quarantine a New Horse

When you’re trying out horses for sale, you’re probably not thinking too much about whether that horse could be potentially sick. You’ve had a veterin

From Adversity Comes Strength 2019 ASHS National Show

A wrap up of some of the great memories at this year's Australian Stock Horse National Show. Despite many challenges in the lead up to the 2019 Aus

Building a Great Grooming Kit (items to include in your grooming kit)

Grooming a horse is a great activity. When you groom your horse, you are replicating a behavior that horses naturally do in the wild. Grooming is bene

What Type of Temperament Should Your New Horse Have?

When buying a horse, you have many choices – there are countless horses for sale. And while you might have an idea of what you’re looking for in a hor

Is Your Horse Bored?

Is your horse showing signs of being bored? Maybe he’s chewing on his stall or walking up and down the fence lines of his pasture. Boredom can set in

Reading Equine Body Language

Horses communicate through body language, an entirely different language than the one that we speak. With time and careful observation, though, you ca

Tips for Bringing Home a New Horse

You’ve looked at horses for sale, have gone through the process of buying a horse, and are finally ready to bring your new horse home to his new agist

Behind the scenes sneak peek of the 2019 Australian Stock Horse National Show

While most events have a story behind them, the 2019 Australian Stock Horse Society National Show is no different. This year’s Show tells a tale of s

Ridley Corporation announces new distribution partnership with British Horse Feeds in ANZ

February 2019 Ridley Corporation Limited (ASX:RIC) is pleased to announce a new supply and distribution partnership with British Horse Feeds

Dealing With Hoof Abscesses

Have you ever walked into the stable to find your horse suddenly lame, holding one hoof off of the ground? Your horse may have a hoof abscess. When we

Tips to Sell Your Horse Faster

Have you been trying to sell your horse for a while, only to have just a few people respond to your ads? Selling a horse often takes time, but there a

Why a Difficult Horse Can Make You a Better Rider

No one wants to work with a stubborn or highly difficult horse. When buying a horse or trying out horses for sale, it’s important to figure out when a

Buying a Horse? Should You Do a Pre-Purchase Exam?

When buying a horse and looking at the many horses for sale, it is fairly standard to have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase exam on a horse that

What to Do If Your Horse Colics

Colic is the nightmare of every horse owner. This serious condition can progress quickly. If caught in time, some colicking horses can be saved, but o

How to Get the Most Out of Your Riding Lessons

When buying a horse or looking at browse horses for sale it will be important to set up some riding lessons with your trainer to help you get accustom