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Ways You Can Promote Good Joint Health In Your Horse

There’s a lot riding on your horse’s joints. You depend on your horse’s joints to be healthy in order to keep him comfortable and to allow him to perf

Features That You Will Want to Include In Your Horse Stable

Whether you’re buying or building a horse stable, there are certain features that will make your work both easier and safer. As you plan out your drea

Signs That You May Need to Change or Adjust Your Horse Feed

Picking out the right horse feed for your horse can be a detailed process. After all, you have to consider the feed’s contents, your horse’s nutrition

What to Do When Your Horse for Sale Isn’t Selling

You’ve advertised your horse for sale, taken great photos, written up an ad, and … nothing. A few people have come out to see him, but no one’s bought

Common Mistakes When Buying a New Horse

When you look at horses for sale and finally decide to buy a horse, you want that purchase to be a success. In buying a horse, you’re choosing your ne

How to Lower Your Horse Feed Bills

When you own horses, your feed bill may be one of the largest bills that you have to contend with. The cost of horse feed can quickly add up, yet it’s

How to Tell If You’re Ready to Buy Your Own Horse Property

Is it your dream to own your own horse property, and to be able to look out your windows to see your horses grazing outside? Buying a horse property m

How to Decide How Much Your Horse Is Worth

Before you advertise your horse for sale, you will need to decide on a sale price. Determining just how much your horse is worth can be tricky, since

Preventing the Spread of Disease in Your Agistment

When you’re looking at horses for sale and are buying or selling horses, the spread of disease is a big concern. If you are bringing a new horse into

Tips to Seal the Deal When Buying a Horse Float

If you’re looking at horse floats for sale with the plans of buying a horse float of your own, you may find some floats that you’re interested in, onl

Easy Ways to Make Your Horse for Sale Stand Out

When it comes to selling your horse, it’s important to make your horse stand out from the many other horses for sale. Before you set out to photograph

How to Decide if You Should Buy or Lease a Horse

Are you thinking about looking at horses for sale with plans of buying a horse of your own? Buying a horse can be a big decision, and sometimes leasin

Tips for a First-Time Horse Owner

When you first start looking at horses for sale with the plans of buying your first horse, you’ll probably be a bit nervous and overwhelmed. These tip

Could your girth be irritating your horse?

When it comes to horseback riding, your girth is an essential piece of equipment. It’s important that your girth fit your horse well and function corr

How to Decide Whether to Body Clip Your Horse

Are you debating over whether you should body clip your horse? Clipping a horse can be a big process – here are some points to consider when you’re ma

Tips for Trail Riding Safely

Nothing beats a long ride out on the trails, but it’s also important not to leave your riding safety practices back home at the arena. Whether you’re

Does Your Horse Need a Companion

When you’re looking at horses for sale with plans of bringing home a new horse, having an appropriate companion for that horse probably isn’t the firs

How to Tell if Your Horse Rug Fits Your Horse

When you use horse rugs on your horse, it is important to make sure that each rug fits your horse properly. Poorly fitting rugs can result in rubs, ch

What to Look for in Horse Trucks for Sale

Buying a horse truck is a bit different from buying a horse float. Horse trucks are more complicated than horse floats, since the engine and the float

How to Keep Your Horse Healthy During Trips

You’ve looked at horse floats for sale and have bought a horse float of your own. Now, you plan on taking a trip with your horse. Trips are stressful