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Tips for Pricing Your Horse for Sale

When you advertise your horse for sale, you’ll need to decide on the price that you ask for your horse. Pricing a horse can be a tricky challenge – pr

Ways to Protect Your Horse’s Legs from Injury

A horse’s legs are thin, long, and vulnerable. Often we put their legs at risk, whether we’re asking them to leap over a solid fence or to step up ont

How to Improve Your Balance in the Saddle

Balance is a major aspect that every good rider needs, but balancing in the saddle isn’t always easy. Your balance not only affects your security on y

How to Keep Your Show Jumps in Great Shape

Buying show jumps is a pricey investment, so when you buy show jumps, you want to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. These tips will he

Timing When To List Your Horse for Sale

Timing is important when it comes to listing your horse for sale. Not only do you want to time your horse’s sale with a high demand in the market, you

Supplies That You Must Have When Buying Your First Horse

If you’re looking at horses for sale with plans of buying your first horse, you will want to make sure that you have the necessary supplies. Before y

The Importance of Training When Buying a Horse

When you start looking at horses for sale with plans of buying a horse of your own, you will face a major decision in terms of how much training you w

Tips to Keep Your Horse Cool in Hot Weather

The hot days of the summer can take a toll on both horse and rider. You can help keep your horse cool and comfortable in a number of ways. These ideas

Fun Christmas Activities to Do With Your Horse

As Christmas approaches, are you looking for a way to get your horse involved in the celebration? There are tons of fun activities that you and your h

Keeping Dogs and Horses Safe When Together

It’s so tempting to bring your dog to the stables with you. Maybe you feel bad about leaving him home alone while you spend time with your horse, and

The Final Sale Details of Buying a Horse

Have you been looking at horses for sale, and have you finally found the right horse for you? That’s great! Buying a horse can be a long process, but

Giving a Horse as a Christmas Gift

When it comes to the dream Christmas present, a horse or pony is at the top of the list for most horse lovers. If you’re planning to give someone a ho

How to Plan Out Horse Fencing for Your Property

When it comes to installing horse fencing on your property, good planning is key. If you take the time to plan the fencing’s layout, then you’ll be le

Tips for Inspecting Your Horse Float

Whether you are looking at horse floats for sale or are getting ready to head out on the road with your own horse float, knowing how to inspect a hors

How to Buy a Horse Float That’s Right for Your Horse

When you start looking at horse floats for sale, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a float. But in addition to your own preferences, m

How to Keep Your Tack Safe During Transport

As riders, we invest a lot of money into our tack. Saddles can be more expensive than horses, after all. When you have to transport your tack to a hor

How to Tell When You Are Ready to Buy a New Horse

Throughout our riding careers, if we’re lucky, we will have the chance to own and work with many different horses. Sometimes, we have to sell or other

Different Ways to Put Sheds to Use on Your Horse Property

Horse sheds are versatile additions to your horse property. Whether you opt for the more traditional pre-fab wooden horse shed, or choose a heavy-duty

Different People You Can Buy a Horse From

Did you know that there are a number of different places where you can check for horses for sale when you’re planning on buying a horse? While buying

Tips for Keeping Your Horse Safe When Wearing a Horse Rug

You put a horse rug on your horse to keep him warm and dry, helping to keep him safe and healthy. But wait – without proper care, horse rugs can actua