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Questions to Ask When Considering Stallions at Stud

If you’re thinking about breeding your mare, then you’ll probably be looking through a wealth of advertisements for stallions at stud. Not all stallio

Tips for Breeding Your Mare

Are you looking at ads for stallions at stud in preparation of breeding your mare? We’ve got some tips to help you along through the horse breeding pr

Tips to Make Your Horse a Great Trail Horse

Are you on the hunt for a perfect trail horse? When looking at horses for sale with the intention of buying a horse, you might find that some of the

How to Quickly Memorize Your Show Jumping Course

In any show jumping competition, you will need to memorize a show jumping course fairly quickly. Then, you’ll have to be able to recall that course wh

Tips to Sell Your Used Horse Rugs

Selling your horse’s used horse rugs can be a great way to get a little extra money while ensuring that the rugs go to a horse who can use them. When

What to Look for When Buying a Horse Shed

If your horse spends time out in the pasture, having a three-sided horse shed is the perfect way to give him protection from inclement weather. Additi

Buying a Pony - The Importance of Not Over Horsing a Young Rider

It is every young rider’s dream to have a pony of their own. In buying a pony, you can set that rider up for success. But if you choose the wrong pony

Horse Rugs For Sale > Choosing a Horse Rug

When buying a horse rug, you’ll be faced with many choices. There are many factors to consider when choosing a horse rug. With the many styles and var

Patterson's Curse

All Aussie horse-owners need to be familiar with Patterson’s Curse, also known as Salvation Jane in South Australia. It thrives in drought conditio

Caring For Your Horse Float’s Floors

After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float of your own, it is up to you to ensure that your horse float is well cared for and sta

Characteristics to Look for in a Lesson Horse

Are you looking at horses for sale with plans of buying a horse for a lesson program? Good lesson horses can be hard to find, and when you do find the

How to Tell If You’re Overfacing Your Horse

Presenting a horse with too much too soon can frustrate both horse and rider, and can even lead to some dangerous situations. Whether you’re looking a

Dealing With a Ring Sour Horse

Whether looking at horses for sale or riding your own horse, at some point you may have to deal with a ring sour horse. A horse that is “ring sour” is

Mistakes When Deciding to Breed Your Mare

Are you looking at stallion at stud with dreams of breeding your mare? Breeding your mare is a big decision, and it can have major implications on you

Tips to Maximize Your Audience When Selling a Horse

When it comes to selling a horse, the larger your audience, the better your chance at quickly finding a buyer. If you need to maximize or improve your

Great Ways to Make Your Horse’s Coat Look Fantastic

Whether you’re listing your horse for sale or are headed to a horse show, we bet you’ll want to take advantage of these great ways to make your horse’

Ways the Internet Can Make You a Better Rider

Did you know that the internet can be an excellent tool to make you a better rider? Of course it’s important to take regular lessons with a talented t

Ways to Save Money When You Own a Horse

Whether you’ve just looked at horses for sale and bought a new horse, or have been owning horses for years, being able to save money and cut costs ca

How to Search for a Stallion at Stud

Are you looking for a stallion at stud that is perfect for your mare? Finding the right stallion at stud can take some time, vigilance, and even a lit

Should You Use Leg Boots On Your Horse?

If you’ve been looking at horse items for sale, you’ve probably seen the wide assortment of leg boots that are available for horses. Top competition h