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Features You May Want in a Horse Stable

If you’re thinking of buying horse property of your own, or if you’re looking for a new horse stable where you can keep your horse, it’s a good idea t

How to Decide What Size Horse Property Is Right for You

When you’re preparing to buy a horse property, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make will be to decide on what size horse property i

How to Prevent Ulcers in Your Horse

Stomach ulcers can have a major impact on your horse’s health, but they’re also fairly simple to prevent. Consider these tips in preventing ulcers in

How to Stop Your Horse from Bracing Against You While You Ride

Whether test riding horses for sale or schooling your own horse, you will probably encounter a horse that braces against you at some point during your

Tips for Buying a Horse at a Distance

When you’re buying a horse, you might find that the local horses for sale simply don’t fit your needs and desires for your new horse. In some cases it

What to Know Before Looking at Horse Floats for Sale

Buying a horse float is an exciting milestone in your life with horses. Horse floats give you freedom and mean that you can take your horse off of the

Tips for Allowing Buyers to Test Ride Your Horse

When you advertise your horse for sale, it’s to be expected that interested buyers will want to come and test ride your horse. It’s important to keep

How to Prepare to Ride in a Clinic

If you’re lucky enough to be riding your horse in a clinic, then you will have a great opportunity to learn all sorts of new information and skills. B

Tips to Sell Your Horse Float Faster

When it comes to selling your horse float, time can be an issue, especially if you need the funds to buy a new horse float or even a new horse. If you

When You Should Call the Vet

When you own a horse, it can be difficult to know just when enlisting the help of a veterinarian is necessary. Spending the extra money on unnecessary

Why Posting Your Horse For Sale on an Equine Classifieds Site is a Good Idea

When it comes to advertising your horse for sale, you have a wide variety of outlets to choose from. Whether you advertise your horse in a local newsp

How to Avoid Being Scammed When Selling Your Horse

Many horse selling transactions go smoothly and turn out fine, but that’s not always the case. When you list your horse for sale, keep these tips in m

How to Clean Your Horse Stable to Make it Safer

Cleaning a horse stable regularly is important to your horses’ health, but did you know that specific cleaning chores can actually help you make your

Traits to Look for in Your Next Show Horse

When looking at show horses for sale with plans of buying your next show horse, you will be looking for a very specific set of characteristics. Make s

Grooming Tips to Help Your Sale Horse Stand Out

When advertising your horses for sale, a good grooming job can help him to stand out from the many other horses for sale. Having your sale horse clean

Is Your Vehicle Ready to Tow a Horse Float?

Loading your horse up onto a horse float and taking off for a trip can be a wonderful experience. But before you start looking at horse floats for sal

Seven Ways to Tell If You Are Ready for Your First Horse

Buying a horse is a big step, and it can be intimidating if you’re a first-time horse owner. Before you start looking at horses for sale, take a look

How to Cope with Nerves When Test Riding Horses for Sale

Every rider gets nervous at some point, but test riding unfamiliar horses for sale can make a normal case of nerves worse. If you are typically nervou

What to Bring With You When Looking at Horses for Sale

When it comes to looking at horses for sale, you may be tempted to just jump in the truck and head off. But wait – there are some items that you shoul

Why Saddle Fit Should Be a Top Priority

After looking at horses for sale and buying a new horse of your own, you will be faced with the challenge of finding a saddle that properly fits the h