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Ways to Remember a Favorite Horse

Sometimes we have to let great horses go, either by finding them new homes or releasing them from old age. The death or sale of a favorite horse can b

Buying a Horse at a Horse Auction

If you’re looking to buy a horse, typically you would look at advertisements for horses for sale. But there’s another route you can choose: buying a h

Rust on horse floats. Is it a problem?

When looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll probably come across some floats that have rust on them. Putting your horse into a rusting horse float d

Tips When You’re Traveling for a Trail Ride

Being able to load up your horse and travel to take a trail ride in different locations is a rewarding and fun experience. However, there’s also a lot

Features You Might Want in Your Next Horse Float

If you’re looking at horse floats for sale, there are some features that you might want to consider having in your next horse float. Horse floats come

How to take care of your saddle

If you look at horse tack for sale, you will see just how expensive it can be to buy a quality saddle. Buying a saddle is an investment and you’ll wan

Tips on Marketing Your Horse for Sale

When it comes to selling a horse, your horse will be one of thousands of other horses for sale. Your job is to market your horse effectively so that h

The Wintec Saddles you know and love... JUST GOT BETTER!

Available NOW from leading retailers throughout Australia, the NEW and IMPROVED range from the world’s favourite synthetic saddle brand! Combining

Equipping Your New Horse Float

After looking at horse floats for sale and buying the horse float that’s right for you, you will need to equip the float so that it is ready for use.

How To Feel More Secure In the Saddle

Whether trying out horses for sale, riding a new horse, or recovering from a recent fall, sometimes you may find yourself feeling insecure in the sadd

When To Get Back On a Horse After a Fall

As riders, we’re told that we should get right back on after we fall off a horse. But is that always true? Deciding whether or not to get back on a ho

Do You Need a Sales Video When Selling Your Horse?

Horses for sale are often listed with sales videos, but not all sales ads include video footage. When you’re selling a horse, is it really necessary t

Should You Buy a Truck or a Horse Float?

When buying a horse float, you will need to consider the trailing capabilities of your truck. If you don’t have a truck yet, or if you’re looking to r

Should you hire someone to help sell your horse?

With many horses for sale, selling a horse can be time-consuming and require patience. Trainers and consignment barns are often available to help you

Australian Stock Horse Society Reduces Membership Fees for people renewing by early 2020.

Australian Stock Horse Society Chairman Lorna Fanning announced today that the Board had frozen membership fees for next year and approved a reduced m

Choosing a Saddle Pad for Your Horse

When you’re looking at tack for sale, you’ll find that there are many different types of saddle pads for sale. How can you choose the saddle pad that

How Long Does Buying a Horse Take?

If you’ve never bought a horse before, the process may seem a little foreign. And if you’re looking to buy a horse in a hurry, you might be surprised

Safely Storing Your Horse Float

Buying a horse float is a big investment, and when your horse float is not in use, you need to store it so that it is safe and protected. Have you giv

Jessica Stones wins 2019 Garryowen on Mikimoto

Jessica Stones won the prestigious 85th Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout riding Mikimoto, at the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show. Conducted annually by Th

Advice to Remember When Deciding Whether to Breed Your Mare

The decision to breed your mare is a big one. If you’re contemplating looking at stallions at stud but haven’t yet decided whether to breed your mare,