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Bonding with a New Horse

You’ve looked at countless horses for sale and have finally settled on the right horse for you. Now you’re prepared to bring the new horse home. Are y

Loading a Horse Onto a Horse Float

When buying a horse float and looking at the horse floats for sale, are you wondering how you’ll ever get your horse on board? Loading a horse onto a

Options to Consider When Outfitting Your Gooseneck Horse Float

If you are looking at goosenecks for sale, then you’ve probably discovered that gooseneck horse floats tend to come with all sorts of optional feature

Red Flags When Buying a Horse

When you’re looking at horses for sale, there are certain red flags that you need to be aware of. Here are just a few signs that something may be amis

Tips to Successfully Load Your Horse in a Float

You’ve looked at horse floats for sale and have bought a horse float of your very own – great! Now it’s time to load up your horse and hit the road. L

Before You Buy a Horse

Thinking about buying a horse of your own? Before you start looking at horses for sale with plans to buy a horse of your own, you should make sure tha

Buying a First Horse as a Nervous Rider

Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport, and many riders face confidence and fear issues. If you are a nervous rider or have recently been shaken by

How to Find a Good Home When Selling Your Horse

When you list your horse for sale, you will be allowing him to go to a new home that will be responsible for caring for him. In selling a horse, you g

Are You Ready to Buy a Second Horse?

Once you own a horse, it’s easy to start wishing that you had a second one. But before you start looking at horses for sale, you’ll want to be sure th

Is Your Horse at Risk for Colic

Colic is a major fear of any horse owner. Whether you’ve owned your horse for years or you’re looking at horses for sale with the plans of buying a ne

Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show cancelled

Coronavirus claimed another victim with today’s announcement that the Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show had been cancelled. Toowoomba’s iconic e

Helping a Friend Who Is Buying Their First Horse

Do you have a friend who is buying their first horse? Horse ownership is a thrilling adventure, but it can also be intimidating to buy a horse for the

How to Find the Horse Property That’s Right for You

Are you considering buying a horse property or agistment of your own? Before you look at horse properties for sale, you will want to have an idea of w

Making Good Use of Your Time When Selling Your Horse

Our time is precious, and when it comes to working with horses, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. If you will be selling your horse, ex

How to Braid Your Horse’s Mane Beautifully

Braiding a horse’s mane is a skill that takes time and patience to learn, but these tips can help ensure that you get a beautiful braid out of your ho

How to Bring Out a Great Shine in Your Horse’s Coat

When selling your horse, bringing out a quality shine in his coat can help him to stand apart from the many horses for sale. These tips will help you

Tips for Learning How to Drive a Horse Float

At some point, you have to learn how to drive a horse float. Whether you’re planning on looking at horse floats for sale or just want to be a more ind

How to Find a Great Farrier for Your Horse

Whether you’ve looked at horses for sale and have bought a new horse, or you’re looking to find a farrier who is a better match for your current horse

How to Take Care of Your Grooming Tools

Grooming your horse is a daily task that is important to your horse’s overall health. Because we use our grooming tools so frequently, it’s important

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Horse Truck Instead of a Horse Float?

Are you looking at horse trucks for sale with plans of buying a horse truck of your own? Many horse owners debate over whether buying a horse truck or