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How to Keep Your Horse Safe While Jumping

Whether you’ve looked at horses for sale and have just bought a new jumper of your own, or you want to move into jumping with your current horse, you

Etiquette When Borrowing a Horse Float

If you’re looking at horse floats for sale but just haven’t found the right horse float yet, then you might consider borrowing a horse float from a f

How to Tell If a Seller Is Serious About Selling Their Horse

You often hear stories about how buyers waste horse sellers’ time, but the opposite is also true. Sometimes, you may run across someone with a horse f

Ways to Make Your Horse Stable Healthier

By nature, horse stables aren’t the healthiest places for horses. Stables are full of dust, restrict a horse’s movement, and limit the fresh air avail

How to Choose the Right Type of Horse Float for Your Horse

When it comes to buying a horse float to transport your horse, you will find that there are a wide variety of horse floats for sale. Horse floats come

Preventing the Spread of Disease When Trying Out Horses for Sale

When you’re buying a new horse and trying out different horses for sale, it is important to remember that diseases can be spread from horse to horse w

Should You Sell Your Horse or Lease Him Out?

Are you questioning whether selling your horse is the right move for you right now? Leasing your horse out offers you another option which can take so

Important Safety Tips When Buying a Horse Float

Transporting horses requires proper, working equipment and a bit of know-how. When looking at horse floats for sale, it’s important to keep these safe

Tips for Negotiating Price When Buying a Horse

When looking at horses for sale, price negotiation is a pretty standard aspect of the buying process. These tips can help you to better negotiate pric

Tips to Help You Spot Illness in Your Horse More Quickly

Whether you’ve looked at horses for sale and have just bought a new horse, or have had your horse for years, being able to quickly spot an illness is

How to Increase Your Budget for Buying a Horse

Are you looking at horses for sale, but finding that your budget is holding you back from finding the perfect horse? We’ve come up with a few great wa

How to Prevent Rodents in Your Horse Stable

Rodents. It seems like they’re in every horse stable. Rodents aren’t just pests – they carry diseases, can ruin horse feed, and can put your health at

Tips for Evaluating a Horse Property for Business Purposes

Are you looking at horse property with plans of running an equestrian business? The property that you select can have a significant impact on your bus

Ways You Can Find Your Next Show Horse

Most competitive riders find themselves in need of a new show horse at some point in their riding career. We can outgrow our show horses for any numbe

The Many Uses of Horse Sheds

Horse sheds are versatile structures that are present on many horse properties. While you might traditionally think of a shed as being a shelter for h

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Horse Fencing

When buying horse fencing for your horse property, there’s some important information that you should be aware of. Make sure that you’re familiar with

How to Feel Better About Selling Your Horse

Selling a horse is tough. You probably have an emotional bond with the horse, and once you advertise your horse for sale, you’ve started a process tha

How to Make Installing Horse Fencing an Easier Process

No one really enjoys installing horse fencing – it’s a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to

Safety Tips You Should Know When Buying a Horse Float

We trust horse floats with keeping our horses safe. When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, make sure that you’re familiar with these safety ti

Tips for Maintaining Your Horse Property

Are you looking at horse property for sale with hopes of buying a horse property of your own? Buying your own horse property puts the responsibility o