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Should You Breed Your Mare?

Having a foal from your mare may sound like great fun at a glance. It would allow you to reproduce your mare’s great qualities, and could be your pote

Developing Confidence In the Saddle

Looking at horses for sale and buying a horse can mean that you will soon be working with a new equine partner. Whether you’re riding a new horse or a

Horse Floats For Sale | Safety Tips When Transporting a Horse in a Horse Float

When looking at horse floats for sale and getting ready to buy a horse float, it’s important to be aware of the many safety issues that can go along w

Keeping a Jumper Sound During Training

Are you looking at horses for sale with the hopes of buying a jumper? Training a jumper to compete at the upper levels requires a good deal of work, a

Australian Stock Horse Society Unveils its 50th Anniversary Plans

Planning is underway for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations for the Society in 2021. Society Chairman Larry Cutler said today that ideas for the yea

Keeping Your Horse Comfortable When Traveling Long Distances

Are you planning on traveling to shows or trail rides far away with your horse? If so, the first step to your journey will be looking at horse floats

Tips for a Clean Stall

A clean stall is important for your horse’s health and comfort. How do you get the cleanest stall possible for your horse? Here are some tips. St

Tips for Buying a Saddle Online

When buying a saddle for your horse, there can be definite advantages to buying online. Buying a saddle online means that you can choose from a greate

Horse Floats For Sale | How to Unload a Horse From a Horse Float

After you’ve looked at horse floats for sale and purchased the horse float that’s right for you, you’ll probably be looking forward to loading your ho

Potential Issues When Buying a Used Saddle

Tack, particularly saddles, can be a costly investment. Buying a used saddle can be an excellent way to save yourself some money, but, as in the case

Selling Your Less Than Perfect Horse

Sometimes it has to be done: You have a horse with some quirks or issues that you need to sell. How to do find a buyer for your horse that’s less than

Buying Your Child a Pony

Buying Your Child a Pony Are you thinking it might be time to buy your child a pony? Buying either a horse or a pony is a big commitment. Before you

Horse Floats For Sale | Equine Safety Equipment When Transporting Your Horse

After looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float that is perfect for you and your horse, you’ll probably be ready to load up and tran

How to Tell When You’ve Outgrown Your Horse

Riders outgrow their equine partners for a number of reasons. Are you questioning whether your current horse is still right for you? You might have ou

Preparing Your Horse Float for a Long Trip

Are you looking at horse floats for sale because you plan on transporting your horse over long distances? Long trips with your horse require a lot of

Tips for Identifying Your Horse Tack and Equipment

The tack and equipment needed when owning a horse can be a costly investment. When you keep your horse at an agistment, it’s important to make sure th

Tips to Shorten Your Search for a New Horse

Buying a horse can take a long time. You may find yourself looking at many horses for sale without coming across the horse that is right for you. Than

Deciding whether to buy a pony or a horse for a child

If your son or daughter is serious about riding, you may want to buy your child a horse or pony of his or her own. Before you look at horses or ponies

Horse Floats For Sale | How to Clean Your New Horse Float

When you buy a used horse float, one of the first things that you will want to do is to thoroughly clean the float. Though the horse horse floats for

Is Your Hay Safe To Feed?

The majority of your horse’s diet consists of hay, and that forage is a key part of your horse’s health and nutrition. When feeding your horse, it is