25kg Hard Bag Magnesium Chloride for Horses

25kg Hard Bag Magnesium Chloride for Horses


SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER DROUGHT RECOVERY – 25kg Hard Bag Magnesium Chloride for Horses (Food Grade) – limited time only until stocks last.

Super cheap price! Quality magnesium, naturally dehydrated. It’s just some extra work required to dissolve the salts and decant to drums for later use.

Recommended: Each 25kg hard bag magnesium chloride for horses to be dissolved with 16 litres of water to make magnesium oil and decanted to drums for later use. This hard bag of magnesium flakes makes magnesium oil concentrate which can be used just like the loose flakes at same volume (ie. half cup of flakes = half cup of magnesium oil concentrate). Use half to one cup of magnesium oil mixed in with feeds daily.

These bags went hard because the stitching seals of the bags were faulty with micro openings so that they allowed moisture absorption from the air. They are heavily discounted for this reason and offered now to assist drought stress recovery. Humans can also use this magnesium.

Magnesium chloride salt is very hygroscopic. It will readily absorb moisture until it finally liquefies itself into a magnesium oil concentrate. This does not however affect magnesium’s efficacy. It can be used both as a dry flakes additive to water, or as its liquid magnesium oil form. Magnesium chloride salt is in the form of crystal flakes with various amounts of water present: Less in the case of loose flakes, or more as they start to absorb moisture form the air until they look like they are ‘sweating’. As absorption continues, the flakes eventually start to stick together into harder lumps. Finally, magnesium chloride salt can completely liquefy itself if there is enough humidity in the air that it can draw in. If you have any questions about magnesium chloride for horses please email your enquiry.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE – How to make magnesium oil concentrate from 25kg hard bags of magnesium chloride for horses.

Note: Courier is unable to deliver 25kg hard bags to PO Boxes. Please provide a street address for delivery.

For more information please contact our team at (07) 5502 0868 or visit www.magnesium4horses.com.au.


Location: Nerang, Queensland
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Ph No 1: (07) 5502 0868

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