Barastoc Senior

Barastoc Senior


Barastoc Senior - Feed for Older Horses

As horses grow older, their nutritional needs increase as their digestive efficiency is reduced. Barastoc Senior provides a complete feed for older horses, featuring specially formulated ingredients that improve digestibility and absorption amongst older horses. This ensures your senior horse experiences the best possible retirement.

Complete Feed for Older Horses - Barastoc Senior

Caring for a horse that has had a long life can sometimes be a little tricky. With all of the potential changes that come with the years, adjusting their diet to a complete feed for older horses like Barastoc Senior helps them thrive by ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Barastoc knows how to care for horses of any age and we always aim to share that knowledge with our valued customers. You’ll find tips on ‘Feeding and caring for the older horse’ and other feed options, including the multifunctional fibre-beet.
What will Barastoc Senior do for my horse?

Specifically formulated for improved digestibility and palatability in older horses with increased levels of all-natural Barastoc Superfibres™ and yeast cultures.

Contains natural vitamin E for antioxidant support and promotion of hoof wall growth and bone mineralisation.

Fortified with vitamins and trace minerals to compensate for decreased digestive function, ensuring senior horses receive the nutrients required for general health and wellbeing.

Easily softened with water for older horses with poor teeth.

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