Financing a Horse Float

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Have you been looking at ads for gooseneck horse floats for sale, wishing that you were able to afford one? Having a horse float may be a necessity if you plan on avidly competing or running your own horse business. If coming up with the full purchase price of the horse float has you stumped, then consider these financing options.

Finance Through a Horse Float Dealership

One of the most common options is to finance your horse float purchase by using the financing options that horse float dealerships offer. Many dealerships understand that buying a horse float is a large investment, and it may be difficult to pay for the float in full. Depending on the dealership that you work with, you may be able to put a small percentage of the purchase price down and pay the rest of the price off with interest over a period of time. If you decide to finance through a horse float dealership, make sure that you fully read the contract and understand how much you will ultimately pay when you account for interest.

Take Out a Personal Loan

Another option is to take out a personal loan. A personal loan can provide you with the money that you need to pay off a horse float, whether you’re purchasing the float from a dealer or from a private seller. Beware that the interest rates on personal loans may be significant, and only take out a personal loan from a reputable facility.

Sell Your Old Horse Float

If you already have a horse float but are looking to upgrade, consider selling or trading in your old horse float to help cover part of the cost of the new float. You may find that you’ll get more value from your float by selling it yourself, rather than trading it in at a dealership.

Buy Used

While it might be your dream to buy a brand-new horse float, if you truly need a float right away, consider buying a used float. Used floats typically sell for much less than a new float costs, which can make affording the purchase easier. If you find a float in need of some work, you may be able to get it at a discounted price. You can then perform the work gradually, spreading out the cost over a few months.

There are many different ways to finance your new horse float, but it’s always a good idea to know what your budget is before you start looking at horse floats for sale.

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