Finding a Suitable Pony for a Child

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Ponies can make wonderful partners for children, as long as the pony is a good match for the child. There are many ponies for sale; how do you know when you’ve found the right one for a child?

Why Are You Buying a Pony?

Before you look at ponies for sale, think about just why you are buying a pony. What do you need that pony to be able to do? Are you selling a pony and looking for a new, more highly skilled pony as a replacement? Or are you searching for a first pony for a child to teach him or her how to ride? The job you have in mind for the pony will affect which ponies for sale you look at.

What Does the Child Need?

The child’s needs in a pony are important; if you ignore them you will not end up with a pony who is a good match for the child. If the child is just learning to ride, they will need a steady, calm, obedient pony who has lots of experience and is well-disciplined.

A child who is hoping to advance in the show ring will have different needs, and will be looking for a flashy pony with excellent conformation, athletic talent, and good behavior. In this case, the discipline that the child is currently riding will also play into the pony’s selection – if the child plans to compete in jumping or in gymkhana, you will want to look for a pony which is competitive in those specific areas.

What Does the Pony for Sale Bring?

You will also want to consider the traits and talents that a pony brings to the equation. Is the pony a veteran in the show ring with many championships to his name? Perhaps he or she has excellent conformation and bloodlines and might make a suitable breeding pony once the child has outgrown or advanced on from him or her.

Regardless of the “extras” that a pony might offer, you should always make sure that the pony has a thorough training foundation and is well-behaved. His height must be a match for the rider, and his behavior should also suit the rider’s experience level. Additionally, any pony you consider must be healthy and sound; always conduct a pre-purchase exam.

Are Child and Pony a Match?

Regardless of whether all of the other elements seem to match, the child and pony need to have personalities and riding styles which work well with one another to ensure a good match. The child must feel comfortable when riding the pony, and the pony needs to respect the child’s riding style and cues.

A brief trial before you purchase the pony can help to validate that the partnership between the child and the pony will work out. Ask the person selling the pony if they would be open to a short trial to ensure a good match. Many people may be willing to work with you, as they want the pony to be happy in its new home, too.

Finding the right pony for a child can take some time, but once you find the right match it will certainly be worth the wait. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses.

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