Five Ways to Save Money When You Buy a New Horse Float

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A new horse float is a major investment. Before you start looking at horse floats for sale, be sure to check out our five tips that will help you save money on your new float.

Buy Used

The simplest way to save money on a new float is to buy a float that is used. Even gently used horse floats are available at significant discounts. If you know that you need to finance the purchase of your new float, you may still be able to find dealers who offer financing on used horse floats.

Trade in Your Float

If you already have a horse float, then consider offering it as a trade-in when you purchase a new float from a dealer. Before you agree to a trade-in, though, familiarise yourself with what other similar horse floats are going for. It may make more sense for you to sell the float privately yourself, then apply the sale price to your new float.

Look for Discounts and Sales

If you’re buying from a dealer, there are generally multiple opportunities to get a new horse float at a discount. Keep an eye on the dealer’s website, as many dealers discount horse floats from previous years. Some dealers also offer discounts when their lots get too crowded.

You may also be able to find horse floats that have been sale models. These floats are often discounted, even though a horse has never been inside of them.

Take on a Project

If you’re willing to buy a used float and are handy with repairs, you may be able to find a great deal on a horse float that needs some work. Taking on a float that is a project may require a time investment on your part, but it can pay off with a great float at a low price.

Pay Cash

When you finance a float, you’ll generally end up paying quite a bit extra in interest. If possible, pay for the float outright. If you can’t pay outright, then put as much money down as possible. This will reduce the balance and will minimalize your interest payments, in turn.

Horse floats can be expensive investments, but they’re often worth it in terms of the freedom and opportunities that they provide you and your horses. Take your time in looking at horse floats for sale and compare prices to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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